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XAIN AG presents: Distributed Intelligent Systems for Mobility

On 31st October 2018, XAIN AG invites decision-makers from the automotive, M2M and mobility sectors, interested Journalists and AI-Specialists to its conference ?Distributed Intelligent Systems for Mobility? in Birmingham. Together with its partners Porsche, MintBit and Ocean Protocol, XAIN presents a specially curated day of insights on how intelligent systems are redefining the industry's approach to data, resource and knowledge sharing. - Quadriga Communication, October 23, 2018

Global Hydraulic Fracturing Market: Progress and Challenges

The report deals with the market for hydraulic fracturing and their services globally, especially in the US and Canada where the demand is high. Another major market covered in the scope of the report is China which has been aggressively expanding its fracturing capacity over the last two years. - IndustryArc, September 22, 2014

10 Valuable Web Design Tips from Ultimate Pet Websites

Premier designer of websites for the pet industry offer guidelines for a terrific website. Whether you are designing your own web pages for the first time or whether you utilizing the services of Ultimate Pet Websites, it's always useful to learn a few effective web design tips. So, read on:
- Ultinate Pet Websites, January 29, 2013

Crowdfunded project enables investors to make Hydrogen Economy happen!

Rocketing prices at the pumps driven by increases in the cost of oil are forcing western economies to sieze opportunities for fuel alternatives. Rapidly gaining ground is the use of Hydrogen fuel cell technology which gives electric vehicles similar capability to petrol or diesel cars. The drawback, which this project avoids, is absence of Hydrogen distribution to filling stations inhibiting fuel cell car ownership.
- H2GOElectric Ltd, March 14, 2012

IDMWORKS and BiTKOO Announce Strategic Partnership

IDMWORKS is pleased to announce the successful partnership with BiTKOO for their market leading fine-grained authorization product "Keystone". - BiTKOO, September 01, 2011

Bika LIMS succeeds in Bio-Informatics laboratory

A master's thesis in bio-informatics was successfully completed using leading Open Source LIMS Bika, thus far considered mainly for chemistry applications in agriculture, public health, environmental science and water quality management. - Bika Lab Systems, August 23, 2011

STR3EM Team Announces Support for DECE's UltraViolet Market Branding with Patented, Licensed Software Development Kit Powered by Login with Facebook

The STR3EM Team releases a patented, licensed software development kit powered by Login with Facebook for interoperable access monitoring of digital entertainment content systems utilizing various DRM technology standards. - The STR3EM Team, February 18, 2011

Tempus-Rex BlackBerry Time Tracking now available in French

Tempus-Rex (T-Rex) is pleased to announces the immediate availability of its Blackberry Time tracking Software in French. This implementation adds French support to both the mobile application, as well as to the data management website. This is the first step in expanding language support for the Global Market; other languages will follow in the near future.
- Tempus-Rex, June 10, 2010

Coventor and MANCEF to Offer Four MEMS Design Scholarships at COMS2009

Coventor and MANCEF are pleased to announce a chance for students to win one of four 1-year licenses of Coventor's CoventorWare Designer/ Analyzer package. - Mancef (Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation), May 19, 2009

UK Plc Finds It Isn't Easy Being Green

iomart & Green It Magazine reveal that UK Companies are failing to set environmental policies and have little trust in technology manufacturers' promises. - iomart, December 22, 2008

Sports Bytes Delivers Math and Science Sports Quizzes to Mobile Phones Worldwide

Mobile Technology to be used at major summer sporting events. - Hot Lava Software, July 08, 2008

Arkansas School District Discovers the Benefits of AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition

Greenwood School District quarantines 80 viruses in three weeks, thanks to Walling Data and AVG Technologies. - 919 Marketing Co., July 08, 2008

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