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Press Release Category Computers - Operating Systems - WILIBOX Release Date: December 06, 2006

WILIBOX is adding customizable & interchangeable GUI modules to a WILI-S networking platform

December 06, 2006
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WILI-S software platform introduces a new approach to embedded device web management, which will ensure user-friendly and intuitive operation on simple-to-complex system configurations.

PR9.NET December 06, 2006 - Kaunas, Lithuania – WILIBOX - embedded Wi-Fi software specialist announces new WILI-S v3.54 embedded networking software platform with customizable graphical user interface functionality.

WILI-S software platform introduces a new approach to embedded device web management, which will ensure user-friendly and intuitive operation on simple-to-complex system configurations.

Most of network operators and network equipment manufacturers are well aware of how difficult the process of sophisticated networking device configuration can be. These devices may have hundreds of parameters and uncountable number of possible configuration files and usage scenarios. Addressing this challenge WILIBOX is introducing a concept of an easily interchangeable module – a skin for embedded network device, not only changing the GUI appearance, but also allowing complete functional customization.

This new concept will allow our customers to create individual graphical user interfaces perfectly fitting their needs and hiding unnecessary functionality and complexity from their end users. Our OEM customers will save time while being able to customize the functional coverage of web management interface as well as change the look & feel (colors, images, control element layout, etc.). With the knowledge of HTML/CSS/PHP basics advanced administrator can integrate his own configuration wizards, web based monitoring and management tools while leaving expert level configuration interface at hand. The extensive features of WILI-S platform together with new skinning ability increase embedded device use-case flexibility to a maximum as the GUI and the functionality "mask" can be changed on the fly, e.g. wireless AP-router can be quickly morphed to an AP-bridge or a P2P-bridge with minimum effort.

Skinable GUI is a fully open source module, released under BSD style license. WILIBOX presents the possibility to create, improve, optimize and customize it in a quick and easy way. It's the way to save time-to-market and increase the end-customer credibility as this new management solution will simplify the configuration challenges that the multifunctional and complex device presents, when only a subset of that potential is required at once. WILIBOX provides a few SKIN examples with the WILI-S v3.54 and WILI-MESH v4.0 and is working on new ones. Switching the skin is easy. If you feel that you need more, go for it – now you got the key.

+370 37 759007

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Contact Information of WILIBOX Contact Information of WILIBOX
Phone +370 37 759007
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WILIBOX is a leading wireless networking specialist providing embedded software platform for 802.11 wireless networks as well as flexible management system for WISPs, telecom operators and OEM, ODM wireless devices manufacturers. WILIBOX is a privately held company located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Find more information at

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