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Press Release Category Computers - Organizations - Magic Micro Computers Release Date: July 26, 2011

Magic Micro Houses New and Quality Products for everybody to build Computer Systems

By Magic Micro Computers
July 26, 2011
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Magic Micro is one of the best places to go when looking for parts to build computer systems. With their top quality products and a very easily navigable website, it wouldn't be stressful for anyone to get his or her desired computer parts just in time.

PR9.NET July 26, 2011 - Magic Micro now offers a very wide-range of quality cases to build computer systems. Ranging from the very sleek designs of Antec brand's cases to Apevia's multi-colored cases. Antec cases are well known for their futuristic style, and sells around $74-$200. Other than that, Antec cases come in variety of series. These include the Dark Fleet Series, LanBoy, Nine Hundred and Six hundred Series, each of which has their own unique design.

Another brand that's in the house is Apevia. As said earlier, Apevia's designs are multi-colored and cool to the outward eye. It also comes in several series as the X-Cruiser, X-Dreamer, and X-plorer series. Other than Antec and Apevia, Magic Micro makes it easier for people to locate Cooler Master, Longisys, Super Talent, and Thermaltake as well. These are quality brands with prices comparable to the first two former brands mentioned. Specifically, Apevia series isn't as pricey as the Antec brands, thus would save anybody as much as $72-94.

The next items on the lists to build computer systems are the CPU and the motherboards. Other than these, the assurance for the availability of the two leading and in demand processors in town, AMD and Intel makes Magic Micro even more in demand in today's society. Magic Micro has Intel's top performing processors, namely i5 and i7, which can cost around $200-$350. Apart from those, it also has Intel's latest technology, the SandyBridge. This is a processor only intel brand has.

Today, to build computer systems, means building it already with huge storage capacity. That is, it has to have a hard drive of 64 GB to 2000GB. Definitely, there are several brands to choose from when it comes to storage. Anyone may go for Crucial, IBM, Kingston, Seagate and Western Digital, ranging from $50-$300. Name it, Magic Micro has it!

The video/TV card is the next item that's in the house. Ideally, AMD and ATI Radeon are great brands to recommend to buyers. These cards allow for HD graphics to be appreciated. However, if not satisfied with AMD and ATI Radeon, nVidia GeForce, the closest competitor of Radeon is second best to go for. When it comes to graphics, nothing compares to the GeForce and the Radeon series which costs around $70-$100.
Magic Micro has made shopping for computer parts easier. The people behind it have never ceased to continuously find means to improve their products, thus it's no doubt, people from across the globe are satisfied with their quality computer parts to build computer systems and come back for more.

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