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Computers - Multimedia Press Release Page 8 Computers - Multimedia

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Janeane Bernstein, USA Voice Talent,

Janeane Bernstein, character voice actress and commercial voice-over talent, has recently joined, the voice over marketplace. Janeane's creative genius and cornucopia of voices run the gamut of the voice-over landscape, guaranteeing a smashing success for every voice-over project she encounters. -, September 27, 2005

Walt Perkins, USA Voice-Over Talent, Joins

Walt Perkins, a veteran radio and television broadcaster, has recently joined, the voice over marketplace. Walt's announcer background and oratory finesse make him an obvious choice for voicing commercials, providing radio imaging and voice-over for sporting events. -, September 24, 2005

Johnny George Delivers Red Carpet Treatment And Dependable Voice-Overs

Johnny George's compelling and credible voice-over services can now be found at, the voice over marketplace. Johnny's genuine warmth and All-American voice-over services are also fast and affordable. -, September 19, 2005

Podcasting Voiceovers Found At

Podcasters and business professionals can now find the perfect voice for their podcasts at, the voiceover marketplace. Find announcers, imaging talent, and podcast host voices quickly and for free. By working with talent directly, clients receive rapid turnaround time and cost-effective pricing. -, August 25, 2005

IV Podcast by Accepting Talent Content

Voice-over talent can now submit audio or news material to the IV Podcast, a podcast produced for voice actors and voice-over professionals. A newswire and informative podcast about voice-over and news related to voice-overs, the IV Podcast is the voice talent's weekly guide to the voice-over marketplace and lifeline in the world of voice-overs. -, August 22, 2005

IV Podcast From Interactive Voices Collaborates With Voice Talents

Interactive Voices is now accepting audio features to be included in the IV Podcast, a weekly voice-over podcast for voice talents. The IV Podcast is available in the Apple iTunes Music Store, giving interested listeners the opportunity to subscribe to receive weekly shows that they can listen to at their convenience. Voice talents are invited to submit voiceover news and sixty second audio features for all segments of the IV Podcast. Audio features can be emailed for inclusion in the IV Podcast accompanied by a brief overview of their feature's content. Find the IV Podcast in the Apple iTunes Podcast Directory and go podcasting with -, July 25, 2005

Does Dad Enjoy his Digital Camera? New Easy Software Enables Artistic Photo Arrangements

PhotoOne Print and Recovery are the best companions to your digital camera. Now they are on promotion for the Father's Day. Good bargain! Don't Miss out! - Best IT Solutions, Inc., June 11, 2005

Voice Actors Gain Voice-Over Resources from Interactive Voices

Interactive Voices has launched their Resources section, giving registered voice actors access to voice-over and career development resources ranging from recording, auditioning, marketing, technology, education, finance, management, terminology, and access to royalty-free music, sound effects, and scripts. As a voice actors registered at Interactive Voices, professionals receive valuable opportunities including the resources mentioned above as well as visibility on the Internet and the potential to receive work from employers that use the Interactive Voices website. -, June 01, 2005

United Virtualities to Distribute Ad Unit That Records PC-Originated VoIP Calls

HotRecorder can be used in conjunction with Skype, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Net2Phone - immediate future Limited, March 22, 2005

Voice Over Project Management Software Developer Interactive Voices Announces Trial VoiceSuite Account For Clients

Interactive Voices is elated to launch a thirty-day trial of VoiceSuite account to clients. The VoiceSuite voice over search and project management software provides clients with the ability to conduct project-specific searches for voice over talent, manage and develop multiple voice over projects, collaborate with colleagues online, receive and host finished audio files, and save favorite voice talents to their Contact list. -, December 22, 2004

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