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Press Release Category Computers - Multimedia - Cool Water Media Release Date: January 17, 2008

Cool Water Media Rolls Out New Family Preservation Package for Family Archives

By Cool Water Media
January 17, 2008
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Digital Media Preserves, Maintains Precious Family Images Rescued From Outdated, Obsolete Media: Conversion From Video, Film to DVD Saves Images, Memories From Ruin and Loss

PR9.NET January 17, 2008 - Woodbury, MN – Family memories that have been preserved in slides, photographs, and on videotape are often a point of frustration for people today as these technologies become obsolete and harder to use. Few families still own slide projectors, for example, and even the once-ubiquitous VHS player is now essentially a thing of the past. What this means for families whose cherished memories are saved in these formats is that they risk losing these records forever unless the records are converted to digital form. Fortunately, Cool Water Media, based in Woodbury, MN, has devoted itself to the preservation of family history, and has developed a package expressly for the purpose of saving family archives. Memorial tributes, wedding videos, and films of family events (to name just a few commonly requested items) can all be converted to DVD for easy distribution among family members.

Cool Water Media was founded by Cathy Hovda when she saw a need for media conversion services for individuals and families. Cool Water Media provides an affordable service for people who have become frustrated with the technological advances that left their family's memories in the dust. Cool Water Media can convert slides to digital photos, convert VHS tapes to DVD, and transfer different kinds of film to DVDs. These DVDs are easily copied so that many family members can have personal access to images and recordings.

The Family Preservation Package devised by Cool Water Media is a specialty package combining the best of all of the Cool Water Media services. The Family Preservation Package assembles CDs and DVDs that hold family photos, slides, and film images – all converted into digital files and organized for the family's enjoyment. Files will be named by date or event, and personal notes or comments from previous generations are also preserved digitally so no information is lost. The result is an easily mailed customized video presentation, ready for distribution among friends and loved ones. Everyone can cherish images that might have been lost, thanks to Cool Water Media's services.

Cool Water Media regards old media formats not merely as formats to be converted but as interesting materials in and of themselves; the company understands that the old formats hold memories and information that are unique and that their loss would be tragic. "Every family's story should be told and remembered," says Cathy Hovda. To that end, Cool Water Media unlocks old imagery from reels, slides, and videos that current and future generations may not be able to access and preserves it for the future. For more information on Cool Water Media's Family Preservation Package, please visit or contact the company by telephone at 651-795-8281.

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About Cool Water Media

At Cool Water Media, we’re dedicated to creating something special for you - whether it’s bringing your media into the 21st century or helping you with the perfect gift!

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