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Press Release Category Computers - Multimedia - Release Date: July 25, 2005

IV Podcast From Interactive Voices Collaborates With Voice Talents

July 25, 2005
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Interactive Voices is now accepting audio features to be included in the IV Podcast, a weekly voice-over podcast for voice talents. The IV Podcast is available in the Apple iTunes Music Store, giving interested listeners the opportunity to subscribe to receive weekly shows that they can listen to at their convenience. Voice talents are invited to submit voiceover news and sixty second audio features for all segments of the IV Podcast. Audio features can be emailed for inclusion in the IV Podcast accompanied by a brief overview of their feature's content. Find the IV Podcast in the Apple iTunes Podcast Directory and go podcasting with

PR9.NET July 25, 2005 - TORONTO -- Interactive Voices (, publisher and producer of the IV Podcast, is inviting professional voiceover talents to submit audio features to be included in the IV Podcast, a weekly podcast created for voice over talents covering voice-over news and current voice-over events, business development, hot trends that will set professional talent apart, technology reviews and tutorials, anecdotes, and audio commentaries. Submitting audio features will give professional voice talent additional media exposure both online via the podcast and also through web page links recognizing their contribution to the IV Podcast.

Segments that voice talent can submit to for publication include: The Loop, The Biz, Tech Talk, and VoxBox. Content accepted for The Loop includes coverage of voice-over news, individual talent press releases, and upcoming events related to the voice-over field. All submissions for this segment should be sent to InteractiveVoices by email to be included in the IV Podcast. The Biz is a segment that covers business development, marketing tips, and management strategies. This segment accepts one-minute audio features. 160 words are equal to sixty seconds of audio. Tech Talk welcomes content about studio equipment, recording techniques, and web design, accepting one-minute audio features. The VoxBox accepts questions pertaining to the voice-over marketplace and audio features such as colorful anecdotes from the voice-over business and short audio commentaries.

Submission guidelines for the IV Podcast include the following: Appropriate and family friendly content, dry voice files recorded as stereo MP3s at 128 kbps, proper naming of the audio file, a brief overview of the recording's content, and the applicant's contact details. Talent have the opportunity to include their name and contact details in their recording to promote their services and also receive web page links further recognizing their efforts and valuable service. A full list of submission details can be found at the website.

Company Marketing Director Stephanie Ciccarelli says, "The feedback that we have received has been unparalleled. Many talent have come forward and have offered their services for inclusion in the IV Podcast, introducing a variety of content appealing to all voice over talents."

To contribute to the IV Podcast, visit the website to learn more about how voice talent can become involved and participate in the IV Podcast, the fastest growing and premier voice-over podcast on the Internet. Talent can send their questions to to get in touch with the producers of the IV Podcast and submit their audio feature or voice-over news items.

To listen to the IV Podcast right now, visit the Interactive Voices website.

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Phone 519-488-5575
FAX 519-858-5197
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130-100 Collip Circle
London, ON N6G 4X8



Based in Ontario, Canada, provides an online marketplace, facilitating transactions between business clients and voice-over professionals employing a comprehensive suite of web-based services. Clients that have worked at include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader's Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, US Army, the US Government and more.

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