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Press Release Category Computers - Linux & Open Source - Engate Technology Corporation Release Date: June 30, 2008

Engate Introduces Proactive Anti-Botnet Technology that Stops Spam and Malicious Threats at the Protocol Level

By Engate Technology Corporation
June 30, 2008
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Advanced Anti-botnet Security Solution Preemptively Detects Threats and Maintains Superior Effectiveness in the Face of New, Sophisticated Spamming Techniques.

PR9.NET June 30, 2008 - San Jose, CA – Engate Technology Corporation, a leading anti-spam provider and pioneer of next generation network profiling anti-botnet solutions, today announced the latest release of its flagship product, Engate MailSentinel™ 3.6. The new release introduces significant enhancements to its proprietary GlobalRules™ database, enabling organizations to instantly detect botnets and preemptively stop the delivery of email-borne attacks such as spam, viruses and worms at the protocol level with customer-proven 99% accuracy. Engate MailSentinel is available to service providers and enterprises and can be licensed to anti-spam software, security appliance, router, firewall, and unified threat management vendors.

Botnets are one of the most dangerous online security threats today where it is estimated that 40% of the 800 million computers on the Internet unsuspectingly distribute spam, steal private data, launch crippling denial-of-service attacks, and spread new infections. Botnets are difficult to detect and even more challenging to stop as their dynamic and adaptive capabilities empower them to self-propagate through their own established peer-to-peer networks and evade conventional detection techniques by covertly relocating the command server and spam load to another, as-yet-undiscovered, bot.

Network Profiling Technology Eliminates Botnet Threats at the Connection Level
Utilizing global network intelligence, Engate's advanced network profiling technology delivers unprecedented real-time visibility into malicious sources from around the world. Engate's anti-botnet solution employs patented network profiling, source verification, and anti-forgery techniques to identify and block email-borne botnet attacks in real-time and at the protocol layer, while allowing legitimate email to pass to the recipient.

Engate uniquely profiles every IP address within the network, segregates legitimate mail servers from all other network hosts, and establishes proprietary 'smart rules' that have the unique ability to immediately identify compromised computers, detect protocol fraud, and intelligently reject illicit connections at the network level. Engate's global intelligence is instantly aware of new computers that become members of botnets and stops the distribution of email-borne threats at the protocol level, before it reaches the enterprise gateway and has a chance to compromise IT resources, slow down network performance, crash servers and invade privacy.

Engate's proactive anti-botnet protection delivers customer-proven 99% accuracy at wire speed, helping to ensure business continuity and deliver substantial benefits to a myriad of organizations:

> Enterprises safeguard their data, reduce bandwidth and storage costs, conserve IT resources and improve user productivity by reducing the time dealing with spam on the desktop, laptop and PDAs.

> ISPs identify infected computers, shut down spam relays, prevent identity theft, and restore the bandwidth subscribers have paid for.

> Hardware and software OEMs differentiate their products with a deeper layer of security that stops botnet-driven attacks at the network level with the highest accuracy in the market.

Hardware and Software OEMs Differentiate with Real-time, Anti-botnet Protection
With a leading vision of the email security market, Engate delivers incremental value to security software, appliance, router, firewall, and UTM vendors by augmenting their multi-layer security strategies with future proof anti-botnet security. Engate's unique network profiling technology empowers OEM vendors to achieve industry-leading 99% accuracy with the lowest rate of false positives – improving customer renewals and competitive conversions.

With Engate, OEM vendors differentiate their products by helping enterprise customers to radically reduce the large volume of unwanted traffic from reaching their email gateway -- improving throughput as much as ten fold and delivering unmatched performance with no mail delivery delays. Proactively detecting botnets and blocking spam at the network level enables organizations to lower capital and operating costs as a result of reduced bandwidth, storage and processing power. In addition, user and IT productivity is significantly improved by radically reducing the large volume of unwanted traffic prior to reaching the desktop, laptop and mobile PDA devices.

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Contact Information of Engate Technology Corporation Contact Information of Engate Technology Corporation
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About Engate Technology Corporation

About Engate Technology Corporation
Engate Technology Corporation is a leading provider of proactive anti-botnet and email security solutions for enterprises, small to mid-size businesses and service providers. The company also provides strategic partners with scalable and flexible OEM deployment models, including hardware appliance, hosted services and software, which can be licensed to security software, appliance, router, firewall, secure web gateway, intrusion prevention, unified threat management and managed service providers.

The company‘s proactive network profiling technology is instantly aware of new computers that become members of botnets and stops the distribution of email-borne threats at the protocol level, before it reaches the enterprise gateway and has a chance to compromise IT resources, slow down network performance, and invade privacy. For more information, contact Engate at, or visit the company’s website at

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