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Press Release Category Computers - Internet - 10 Yetis PR Agency Release Date: June 22, 2009

Americans Are D.Y.Y. Private Spies

By 10 Yetis PR Agency
June 22, 2009
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Over 50 percent of people from the US claim that they have exposed a lie told by their partner by using the Internet as a D.I.Y. lie detector.

PR9.NET June 22, 2009 - A worldwide survey commissioned by the people search website Yasni, has revealed that Americans are becoming online spies to expose lies told by their partners, as over 50% have admitted they have uncovered a lie on the Internet.

991 people from the U.S. responded to the study from Yasni, and on top of the 57% who admitted that they have discovered a lie told by their partner, a further 17% said that they have used the internet to try and expose suspected lies that their partner has told but have found no evidence to back up their suspicions.

Only a quarter of people living in the US said they would never use the internet to try and expose a lie from their partner.

The findings from Europe however revealed some surprisingly contrasting results and only an average of 30% of respondents from Europe had looked for information about their partner online; suggesting that the Europeans may be less suspicious of their partner than people in the US.

Jorge Salgado Reyes from Allied Detectives is a Private Detective with clients from across the Globe and he said,

"Many people from all over the world come to us with information about their partner which they themselves have found online and has triggered concerns in their mind that they would like us to investigate further, In particular, comments made in their Facebook and other social networking sites.

He continued, "We have found that the most common lie exposed relates to a current partner saying that they had not had contact with an ex and the second most common is in connection to their working life and having a worse job than they claimed when they first met.

"We always urge people to be cautious about the information they find and make sure that it relates to the right person because it can lead to the end of a relationship if they confront a partner with incorrect accusations."

Speaking about the results of the research Yasni's CCO Andy Barr said;

"The results of our research highlights the need for people to check to see if the information that is publically available about themselves on the internet is not only accurate but does not also lead to awkward questions from their partners."

He continued,

"Americans are clearly lacking trust within their relationships as so many people admit to using Yasni to reveal lies told by their partner. However, perhaps this suspicion from the US is justified, as fewer people from here were unable to find any lies about their partner online than in any other country; showing that potentially more people here have something to hide."

For more information about Yasni visit

For more information about Allied Detectives visit

logos and images of Andy Barr and Jorge Salgado are available on request

Further information about Yasni:

Emma Stockley, 10 Yetis PR
Tel: +44 01452 348 211

About Yasni (
Yasni is the world's most popular people search website with more than 26 million page requests and approximately 10 million visitors on six continents each month.
People search, which accounts for nearly one-third of all search queries on the Internet, is one of the largest online markets as more and more people turn to the Web to find information about old friends, co-workers, business partners, job applicants, neighbours, prospective mates and much more.

In just a few seconds, Yasni provides a free and comprehensive overview of people and their associated networks, including contacts, pictures and other publicly available information.

Yasni is also the ultimate resource to control one's online reputation and manage what information is available about them on the Web.
About Allied Detectives (

Jorge Salgado-Reyes is happy to make himself available for expert comment on any aspect of private investigation including people tracing, corporate investigation or surveillance.

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Americans Are D.Y.Y. Private Spies

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