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Press Release Category Computers - Internet - TOH Release Date: July 15, 2008

Opening Hours for Local Businesses and Stores

July 15, 2008
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Find the opening hours for local businesses and stores in United-Kingdom.

PR9.NET July 15, 2008 - Oxford - With a lot of confusion abound with respect to opening and closing times of stores across the UK; help is just a dial away. TheOpeningHours ( offers the most current and reliable information in this respect to people across the UK.

Gone are the days when you wanted to buy something necessary just before you got to office, or before you came back home to retire. You drive the detour and find the store closed. This must have happened more than once, to either you or your spouse. There are times, when you may need something in the middle of the night, an emergency? Whatever the time and whatever the need, with this help at hand, all you need to do is to connect to the site, select your county and city, and find the store details. This helpline covers all counties in the UK. If you did not know already, the average number of cities in each of these counties is over 400. Even with 5 major stores in each city, they add up to more than 200,000. Awesome, but true, can you find your way through the store timings, especially if you travel between counties?

Moreover, TheOpeningHours ( offers stores categorized into many sections like Hairdressers, Post Offices, and Banks etc. In addition to these, this website also integrates essential-service timings for doctors, estate agents etc, making it a wholly community oriented help website. Such websites not only promote information access but also have in mind the social aspects making them a necessity. To help further, county maps are provided on the relevant pages making navigation even easier, especially if you are new to a county.

The home page of TheOpeningHours ( has a necessary and easy to use feature for siding information in seconds. Using the search bar at the top, you can find your shop in the location of your choice within a few seconds. This is information access simplified to the basics.

While this is not all, the website also offers a plethora of other options like inviting friends, posting reviews about stores and other information you can find here, making it an ever-improving website. This website is highly recommended to the people of UK. With plans to move on to other countries in the near future, this website is here to stay.

For further details:

Ludovic Donzé
07 843 166 660 (mobile)

# # #

Contact Information of TOH Contact Information of TOH
Phone 07 843 166 660
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected

About TOH

Providing Opening Hours for Local Businesses and Stores in Europe.

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