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Press Release Category Computers - Internet - CreateDebate Release Date: May 06, 2008

CreateDebate: What Are You Trying To Decide?

By CreateDebate
May 06, 2008
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Arlington, VA –, the Internet's leading social networking debate website, announced today that it has launched in to a public beta.

PR9.NET May 06, 2008 - Arlington, VA –, the Internet's leading social networking debate website, announced today that it has launched in to a public beta.

CreateDebate is the answer to standard internet flame-wars and message boards that are an unreadable jumble of arguments. The CreateDebate platform provides a structure that lets people easily see what the best arguments are, and which side of a debate is winning. People can create three kinds of debates and argue about any topic they are passionate about. The CreateDebate community is empowered to vote up well-conceived arguments and vote down flawed logic. Over time, the best arguments rise to the top of the debate, which helps to distill out the central points and most relevant factors.

At the most basic level, CreateDebate is a social tool designed to help groups of people sort through issues, viewpoints, and opinions in an organized manner, so that better decisions can be made. We encourage people to create debates about interesting things that they really care about. Debates about personal decisions and self-promoting debates are welcome. By creating a debate, one can harness the collective intelligence of the CreateDebate community, which is a great way to get honest feedback (and criticism).

The social networking features of CreateDebate are robust. Each user has a profile, which automatically builds itself over time. Allies, enemies and hostile relationships are tracked and a news feeds provides personalized updates. Debate and arguments activity is also automatically tracked so its always easy to find out what's new. A points system keeps tabs on participation, which makes it easy to identify the top debaters in a number of categories. The research feature allows people to pipe RSS content from the web into any debate. Many additional features and improvements are slated to roll out during the public beta period.

To start a debate, research other's opinions on today's hottest topics, or make your point known, visit CreateDebate: What Are You Trying to Decide?

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About CreateDebate

CreateDebate is the Internet's leading social networking debate site. User's can create a debate about any topic they want, add arguments to support or refute a point, and vote for arguments they agree with. Visit CreateDebate at or their blog at

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