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Press Release Category Computers - Internet - dotcom-monitor Release Date: April 01, 2008

Why Website And Network Monitoring Is So Important For Your Business

By dotcom-monitor
April 01, 2008
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Website and network monitoring is integral part of any business. Due to such services you can be sure that your website and server works properly. Dotcom-monitor has been leader and innovator in the sphere of advanced monitoring for the past 10 years.

PR9.NET April 01, 2008 - US, MN - Performance and security of your website and server are crucially important for your business both when you offer complex on-line services and when you have a simple static site. Your web site both corporate and personal is your representation and its work represents reliability and standard of you company. In case your website is a main platform for your business even short-term fail will cause losses. Therefore your website availability and functioning are crucial for your business.

There are some ways to monitor performance of websites and servers. The first one is manual checking. You can check all possible protocols and services with your own hands or engage special employees. But such a way is disadvantageous and can't give you any guarantee.

Another way is a special website monitoring and network monitoring software. You can install such tools on your local machine and monitor your website and server performance. However such method also has a lot of shortcomings. For example, you website can be available from one point of the country and unavailable from another one. When you use local website and network monitoring tools you can't notice such fact. Another huge disadvantage is the following: your network monitoring software functioning depends on your Internet provider.

The most reliable and professional method is employing on-line third-party website and network monitoring services. Universally recognized leader in the sphere of website, server and network monitoring is Dotcom-monitor ( ) . Since 1998 Dotcom-Monitor provides quality and innovation monitoring services for more than 3000 companies all over the world. Dotcom-monitor has a unique set of tools and services for website and network monitoring with surprisingly big number of notification options.

Network monitoring service ( ) is intended for monitoring all possible protocol's servers such as FTP, SMTP, POP3, etc. Dotcom-Monitor remote agent logs on using a user name and password you provide. It checks server performance and contents. Besides, Dotcom-Monitor provides SMTP/POP3 monitoring service. This feature gives opportunity to carry out end-to-end mail server monitoring. Network monitoring service also includes such opportunities as domain name servers (DNS) monitoring, port monitoring, SOAP/HTTP monitoring, UDP monitoring and ping/ICMP monitoring service which is very useful for checking of integrity of router, firewall and other specific devices. There are also some very specific features as script monitoring service and server temperature monitoring service which is available only for third generation hardware. Such list is exhaustive and includes all necessary tools to provide the best quality of network monitoring service.

Website monitoring ( href=" ) is a must-have online service for every e-business. Possibilities of this service are can blow off your imagination. You can monitor content of any site you specified or read server responses. Web site monitoring service provided by Dotcom-Monitor is different from the other monitoring services providers, who usually use simple ping or HTTP port connection. To satisfy all customers' requirements and to provide the best quality of web site monitoring service Dotcom-Monitor performs exhaustive and in-depth analysis. Dotcom-monitor gives your opportunity of content monitoring, page source monitoring and scripts monitoring. Besides, there are some unique features as business transactions monitoring, global website monitoring, problem detection and analysis. A great feature of Dotcom-Monitor monitoring service is its flexibility: it is suitable both for professionals and for beginners.

To guarantee 100% quality of service, Dotcom-Monitor has remote self-acting agents which are placed all over the globe. If something goes wrong with your server or doesn't work properly the notification process starts immediately – you can be informed via e-mail, sms, fax, pager or a phone call.

Dotcom-Monitor also provides web site load stress tests to make your on-line business even more secure.

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About dotcom-monitor

Dotcom-Monitor is the leader and innovator in advanced website monitoring services. Since its birth in 1998, Dotcom-Monitor has helped over 2,000 companies save money by ensuring maximum website uptime—at a cost up to 50% less than other services. Dotcom-Monitor watches businesses from the outside by simulating real-world, end-user actions. They ensure that clients are open for business around the world, 24 hours a day.

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