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Press Release Category Computers - Internet - makebilliondollarhomepage Release Date: February 07, 2006

Physically Disable Person Hopes To Make Some Dollars By Selling His "Dream Land"-The Virtual Land Concept

By makebilliondollarhomepage
February 07, 2006
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Physically disable person is going to sell his "Dream Land" to raise funds for his business. His "Dream Land" is based on Virtual Land Concept which can be treated as real land or company shares to buy and resell them.

PR9.NET February 07, 2006 - Maharashtra, India - You purchase shares and trade them, you buy gold and sell them, even you acquire property to resell it in future. Why you sell them? Sure for getting extra money. But what happen if someone comes to you and ask you to purchase his part of computer screen for reselling purpose, to gain more profit in future? Don't believe? That's what Vinay Pawar, a Software Professional who is physically disable person is selling. He is selling parts of his webpage for reselling purpose.

He named it as a "Dream Land" where people can buy and resell their blocks like a real estate to get more money and to promote their products and services globally.

Vinay, who is 24 years old, from small town in India is going to sell a place on his "Dream Land" for $2 per pixel for raising funds to start his own software development firm. "The place where people will buy pixels to promote their products and can resell them for more money. It is a Virtual Land like a real estate or company shares. The interesting part is that here they have full control to decide its resell value. They can resell their blocks at whatever cost they want." He Said.

This Billion Dollar Concept is based on the idea, which was thought by Alex Tew who is well known for his million dollar homepage. While talking about his "Dream Land Concept" this young entrepreneur says, " Because of my physical problem it is hard for me to do a job, I was looking for a way by which I can raise money to start my own business when I came to know about website of Alex. His website show me a ray of hope. I hate to be a "copy-cats", I believes in doing things differently rather than doing different things and wanted to come up with a different concept which will stand me apart from others. The concept which will not only make me rich but also make them rich who buy pixels on my website. My mind was continuously working to find out such a concept and finally this dream concept of making money comes in my dreams, that's why the site is called as a 'Dream Land' ".

His site is based on a Virtual Land concept, which can be treat like a real estate to buy or resell it for more money. He divides his home page into 10,000 small squares each one containing 100 pixels. He is selling them for $200 per square. Peoples can purchase these square from him and can set its resell cost which may be $300, $500 whatever pixel holder wants. Peoples have a choice to link their website with their blocks to promote it globally to take advantage of Internet traffic generated by his website.

"I am going to do that thing which no one has done before, by selling my "Dream Land" like a real estate. I know people likes wacky ideas and certainly visit this site to check out this wacky concept, then the pixels on the homepage will have a value - and people will buy them to display their ad's or for reselling purpose. They will find that their investment will keep growing and growing as times moves on. I need your help to prove that - Nothing is Impossible." Vinay said

His "Dream Land" concept might never yields the million dollar, which he is hoping, but the dreams and confidence, which was there in his eyes, make my mind to believe that "Nothing is Impossible".

There is much more left about him. You can check him out for his dream concept at And can become part of this virtual land and help him to raise some money to start his own business.

# # #

Contact Information of makebilliondollarhomepage Contact Information of makebilliondollarhomepage
Phone 9102535625617
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address lakshami nivas, ramkrushna nagar, near amrut nagar, cytric, panchak, jail road, nasik road, nasik.

About makebilliondollarhomepage

This website is based on virtual land concept. I will update company profile when i will submit my first press relase. so plz keep on eye on this section. thanks..vinay

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