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Press Release Category Computers - Internet - immediate future Limited Release Date: February 04, 2005

United Virtualities' Ooqa-OoqaTM Branded Browser achieves up to 7 mins 58 secs average exposure time per user

By immediate future Limited
February 04, 2005
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Research reveals that Ooqa-OoqaTM provides exposure unmatched anywhere on the internet

PR9.NET February 04, 2005 - Results released from United Virtualities’ three UK online campaigns using the Ooqa-OoqaTM branded browser reveal that the innovative ad unit achieves up to 7 mins 58 secs average exposure time per user. This figure was recorded for United International Pictures’ (UIP) 'Riddick UK’ campaign on UIP’s 'Thunderbirds’ and 'Shark Tale’ campaigns on both achieved an average exposure time per user of just over 4 minutes and over 5.5 minutes, respectively.

Martin Wright, European head of sales and business development at United Virtualities, comments, "Our results reveal that innovations in advertising still have a powerful impact; the dramatic yet unobtrusive impact of Ooqa-OoqaTM allows advertisers to exploit a new advertising format, whilst standing out from the crowd.

"Ooqa-OoqaTM creates 20% more prime inventory for publishers on every page without altering the site in anyway. For advertisers, it provides exposure unmatched anywhere on the internet. Moreover, in terms of brand exposure time to cost, no other tool provides greater ROI. Additionally, as the Ooqa-OoqaTM has ad units within itself, agencies or advertisers can divide it up and rent it out. An agency can buy browser space in parts or whole and then market it to one, two, or more products or clients."

The Ooqa-OoqaTM browser has also proved to be a powerful tool in encouraging greater user interactivity, with 63,075 clicks on the browser achieved during the lifespan of UIP’s 'Thunderbirds’ campaign. "Users interact with the brand on both an active and passive level, interacting via brand functionalities and standard browser buttons," explains Martin Wright.

The Ooqa-OoqaTM 'Contextually Adaptive Branded Browser’ transforms the unexploited 'dull, grey toolbar’ that sits atop a publisher's web page into valuable prime inventory, while preserving all of the browser's normal functionality. The Ooqa-OoqaTM displaces the visitors' normal navigation browser and toolbar with a far more colourful advertiser branded browser saving all the users' tools and adding new ones that help the user and/or are related to the advertiser message.

In accordance with United Virtualities' user-centric philosophy, users have the ability to close the Ooqa-OoqaTM either for the single site visit or permanently - giving users more control and the option to return to their regular browser if they choose. Whilst users have this option, in Ooqa-OoqaTM campaigns to date, only very few have closed the branded browser.

The results have been taken from research compiled by United Virtualities from 21 global campaigns that launched in 2004. These figures reveal that globally, the Ooqa-OoqaTM Branded Browser achieves an average of 6 mins 47 secs brand exposure time per unique user.

Further results from Ooqa-OoqaTM campaigns in the United States, China, France, Singapore, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, Panama, and Chile have reported impressive figures: The 'Audi China’ campaign on and achieve average exposure times per user of 11 mins and 44 secs, and 8 mins and 57 secs, respectively. The ABC local vote campaign on the ten websites of the ABC Owned TV Stations achieve an average exposure time per user of 8 mins and 37 secs.

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About United Virtualities

United Virtualities is the leading provider of innovative, advanced online advertising technology for marketers, their ad agencies and web publishers. It offers a variety of rich media platforms that are user-friendly and require no downloads to launch and play. Organisations around the world use United Virtualities' rich-media technologies, enabling them to leverage dynamic, vibrant web creative in the most distinctive ways imaginable.

United Virtualities is best known as the originator of beyond-the-banner advertising with ShoshkeleTM, one of the most successful rich-media platforms in the industry. UV continues to re-invest heavily in R&D to create and rapidly deploy new online marketing solutions that anticipate and exceed clients’ requirements. The company devotes 20% of its entire workforce to Quality Assurance in the process of providing the best customer service in the online advertising industry.

About immediate future Limited

immediate future Ltd is an independent public relations (PR) and communications consultancy, specialising in media, creative and digital industries. The team is highly experienced in both corporate and business-to-business PR. We have a proven track record with clients ranging from public and private companies, to 'not for profit' organisations.

The company is founded on three core principles: in- depth industry knowledge, professional standards and accountability. We use these foundations to deliver a holistic approach to reputation management with proactive and creative PR strategies, trusted on- and off-line media relations, and a vast array of PR tactics. The result is high-quality public relations that makes our clients’ lives easier and brings real business benefit.

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