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Press Release Category Computers - Internet - NSS Group Release Date: March 02, 2016

NSS Group Gives Love Globally - Indonesia Aids and Philippines NGO

By NSS Group
March 02, 2016
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NSS Group is the IT outsourcing leader for SMEs in Asia. NSS Group provides the core services needed for websites such as hosting services, e-commerce, Internet marketing, business software, enterprise IT outsourcing, other IT services and Information required for enterprise services.

PR9.NET March 02, 2016 - In recent years, global shrouded in the haze of the atmosphere under the sagging economy, many companies in the financial contraction, public welfare undertakings have stopped. Facing economic winter, long dependent on domestic private enterprises funded social welfare groups, began to face the dilemma of living beyond their means. Asia's leading IT outsourcing company ? NSS Group, since its inception will be public sponsorship as a business philosophy, without fear of economic winter, still continue to promote charitable activities, hopes to do their thin cotton, thereby initiate calls more and more companies join the ranks of public welfare activities, promote social goodness atmosphere.

As NSS enter to the global market, they never disregard to help the community in Philippines ?The Mary Queen Of Heaven Missionaries? and in Indonesia ?Foundation 18? every month. NSS said, the youth is the future of our nation. However, there are a lot of children from poor families who doesn?t have the opportunity to go to school due to poverty. Enterprises should engage into activities that would give chance to these children to build their talents and our future.

NSS invites companies to help public cultural environment and to contribute to the formation of good social atmosphere. NSS join the public service not to promote its self-interest rather to carry out charitable activities for many years to give back to the society. To support education to the less fortunate, they provide 35 scholarships to students in various schools in Taiwan. They regularly grant college sponsorship to TFCF 3 (Taiwan Fund for Children and Families) organization with monthly allocations and sponsor TFCF 5 (Adopt a children). NSS also organized charity events and invite colleagues to actively participate in the company philosophy. It is their pride to be part of the sponsors of the following organizations; Garden of Hope Foundation, the Family Support Foundation, Mercy Corps Franciscan Foundation, the Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation Social Welfare Foundation, the exhibition industry Corp. Taiwan Women Association.

For years, NSS have live by their principles to be efficient, professional, dedicated, and trustworthy. They also value public welfare not to promote corporate image but for its employees to be motivated and enhance the operating performance.

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About NSS Group

NSS Group was founded in 2001 and has served more than 30,000 customers globally. NSS Group provides one-stop hosting services like web-hosting, Cloud Server, Dedicated Server, domain registration, SSL certificate and so on.

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