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Press Release Category Computers - Education - Aio Ind. Release Date: December 10, 2005

Parents, How to Raise Your Child's IQ.

By Aio Ind.
December 10, 2005
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A free comprehensive collection of exercises and games you can play with your child to increase their IQ score. Also includes a frank discussion of the IQ and why it matters in schools, and also why it shouldn't!

PR9.NET December 10, 2005 - A comprehensive collection of exercises and games you can play with your child to increase their IQ score. This will allow for a broader choice of educational and life opportunities. Also includes a frank discussion of what the IQ is, how it is arrived at (something most never know!) and why it matters in schools -- and also why it shouldn't matter.

Colorado Springs, CO - Friday, December 9 2005 - The national IQ has been dropping at a regular pace. Many believe this may be due to the lack of funding for our public schools, the rise of video games, and even diet. But parents can easily take this situation into otheir own hands and discover a few simple techniques to give their child the edge they need to become a leader. For nearly a century, studies have shown that simple, but strategic, games can vastly improve the IQ of a child when they play. In fact, the earlier they begin, the bigger the overall improvement.

These strategic games include word puzzles, picure recognition, and more. The children playing them aren't even aware of why they are doing this. They are designed to be fun and challenging, but developed by children's psychologists to aid in their mental abilities at a far greater value than most other games of the same sort.

- 39 separate games children will love to play with their parents that will raise the children's IQ score.
- Discussion of how IQ is used in schools, and what to expect.
- Discussion of what makes a healthy intellectual, emotional and physical environment.
- The unreliability of the IQ test.
- Example of other toys that will stimulate children.

All of these topics, and others, can be found at the free informational web site All for Gifted Children

Jon Weaver is a believer in children's education. As a proud parent of 2 he enthusiastically research child psychology as it relates to increasing their IQ to aid in the development of his own children, and to aid other parents who are searching for the same information

Contact Jon Weaver for more insights into this topic. Email:
Other helpful information regarding the can be found at:

For More Information Contact:
Jon Weaver

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Download PDF Version Download PDF Version:
Parents, How to Raise Your Child's IQ.

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About Aio Ind.

Jon Weaver is an ex University professor. In retirement, he is dedicated to writing articles and publishing books and a variety of topics to espouse his life's knowledge.

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