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Press Release Category Computers - Education - Celebrain LTD Release Date: September 21, 2017

New Communication Skills Training App

By Celebrain LTD
September 21, 2017
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Communitrainer app is a dedicated ipad, iphone app to the professionals working into coaching and/or training specific skills like communication. It is an app that is a combination of timers each of one designated to a speaker into a meeting. By timing each participant speech into the meeting we can measure their involvement into the subjects specific debated.

PR9.NET September 21, 2017 - Communitrainer is an iPhone and iPad app that is the first ever app designed to improve communication skills. The perfect tool for teachers, leadership coaches and human resources departments, Communitrainer can provide important information on an individual?s verbal input into a group discussion that can be used to improve a person?s communication skills.

Up until now, it has been virtually impossible to accurately assess a person?s spoken input into a group discussion, a meeting, or a brainstorming session, which has made making an accurate appraisal of someone?s communication skills in such scenarios almost impossible.

Communitrainer answers the important questions about who is contributing the most in a group, who is likely to be candidate for leadership, who needs to improve their communication skills, and who is letting their nerves stifle their ideas.

The app can be downloaded from iTunes app store, but it needs no internet connection to function. When running, Communitrainer will automatically track the duration of speech for each of up to six participants and analyze the percentage contribution from each person.

Communitrainer has applications in many fields. Teachers can use it for assessing students prior to an oral exam, leadership coaches can utilize the data to analyze a person?s communication skills, and businesses can use Communitrainer in team building exercises. Any situation where you need to understand who is communicating effectively, and who is not, is a potential situation for the use of this handy and inexpensive app.

Develop leadership skills
By accurately measuring participant?s speech during a meeting, the easy to understand information provided by CommuniTrainer can be used to encourage and develop team member?s leadership skills.

Measure progress
Information with regards to the level of conversational interaction of each participant is logged and clearly displayed in the app and each different session can be saved separately. That enables a coach, teacher or a trainer to easily monitor a student?s progress and highlight areas where a person?s communication skills may need to be improved.

Evidence based performance analysis
The accurate statistics that CommuniTrainer provides enables an evidence based assessment of communication skills, rather than an estimated one. Understanding the precise percentage contribution a person made in a conversation will be far more useful than a guess based purely on perception.

Develop team players
CommuniTrainer has many applications in business too, one of which is developing teams. The statistics that the app provides will quickly identify those people that could be contributing more to a team, but who might just need some encouragement to speak up at team meetings.

CommuniTrainer - The New Communication Skills Training App
At first glance, the function of CommuniTrainer may seem quite simple but, in fact, the app is very sophisticated and extremely useful. Often, people simply don?t realize that they could be contributing more to the conversation, or they simply lack the confidence to do so. The evidence based statics that CommuniTrainer records and analyses allow teachers, trainers and team leaders to clearly identify where improvements in communication skills might be needed and it will identify areas of weaknesses that may have simply been otherwise overlooked.

CommuniTrainer ( is an easy to use and very cost effective tool that could bring immense benefits to individuals and teams in all kinds of different scenarios. Speaking up in meetings, classes and other group situations is not something that comes naturally to everyone, but CommuniTrainer is the perfect tool for training people to become better communicators, in all situations.

keywords : communication, research, speech, skills, talk, exams, timer, training, psychology, leadership, coaching, teambuilding, teaching, app, ice-breaker, exams

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New Communication Skills Training App

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Communitrainer app is a dedicated ipad, iphone app to the professionals working into coaching and/or training specific skills like communication. It is an app that is a combination of timers each of one designated to a speaker into a meeting. By timing each participant speech into the meeting we can measure their involvement into the subjects specific debated.

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