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Computers - Software Development Press Release Page 46 Computers - Software Development

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Avista Solutions Announces Integration with Docu Prep, Inc.

Avista Solutions, a leader in web-based mortgage lending technology, announces a partnership with Docu Prep, Inc. a leading provider of Internet document solutions to the mortgage industry. Integration of Docu Prep Direct with Avista Accelerator™ Mortgage Platforms will provide Avista's clients secure internet based access to DocuPrep's compliant document packages. - Avista Solutions, October 25, 2004

Mi-Co Names Hugh Patrick as National Sales Director

Technology Veteran to Drive Company’s Digital Ink HealthCare Revenue in North America - Mi-Co, October 22, 2004

CodeFutures Q3 Results Show Accelerated Market Demand for Java Code Generator Information Technology Market Improves

CodeFutures new customers include Siemens, JP Morgan, Turner Broadcasting, Business Wire, EMC, and the Missouri Lottery - CodeFutures, October 21, 2004

Horizon Healthware Joins Mi-Co Data Integration Alliance

Joint customers have seamless connection with Mi-Forms data capture software and Horizon Healthware’s Promise System - Mi-Co, October 20, 2004

eWarna's Latest Color Approval Process Manager Links Seamlessly into PLM Solutions

eWarna, the global leader in online color collaboration solutions, is pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of XMatch™, its web-based color workflow application. eWarna's XMatch web-based solution drives time out of the color submission and quality control processes and improves communication and collaboration within the color supply chain. - Sdn Bhd, October 18, 2004

Mi-Co Launches Mi-Forms on Demand Software for Rapid Deployment of HP's Forms Automation System

Mi-Co, the mobile data capture software company, announced today the production availability of Mi-Forms on Demand Software. For enterprises using HP's Forms Automation System (FAS), the Mi-Forms on Demand technology provides increased implementation flexibility, rich data quality, a verification environment and rapid deployment capabilities.
- Mi-Co, October 13, 2004

CodeFutures FireStorm/DAO Java Code Generator Saves DSNet Over 300 Hours on eCommerce Project

"Firestorm/DAO saved us at least 300 hours of development in unifying the legacy data persistence code, developing test harnesses, implementing a caching subsystem, and eliminating bugs caused by out-of-sync data access code." says Cris Daniluk, Vice President of Technology, DSNet.. - CodeFutures, October 12, 2004

Airline software specialists IBS launches SmartCargo at ACF in Bilbao

IBS Software Services (IBS) today launched its new-generation Cargo solution – SmartCargo at TIACA’s 22nd International Air Cargo Forum and Exposition here in Bilbao. SmartCargo is a web-based solution that comprehensively meets the needs of the core cargo operations of airlines. - IBS Software Services (P) Ltd, October 11, 2004

CodeFutures Cuts Software Development Costs By At Least 30% With Java Code Generator

CodeFutures' Java code generator, FireStorm/DAO, makes Java software developers more productive by generating the business logic for accessing relational databases. The result is lower development costs due to much less hand coding, fewer bugs and therefore less testing, and lower ongoing maintenance costs because there is less hand written code to maintain. - CodeFutures, October 07, 2004

CodeFutures FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition Java Code Generator used by Ajilon Consulting for Advanced Military Application

Ajilon Consulting, a premier provider of information technology (IT) solutions since 1969, has successfully used FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition on a major military project. FireStorm/DAO automatically generates Java source code for accessing relational databases. The key benefit is much higher developer productivity because manual coding is eliminated. - CodeFutures, September 22, 2004

CodeFutures Targets Senior Java Developers with Architect Edition of its FireStorm/DAO Code Generation Tool

CodeFutures has launched an Architect Edition of its popular FireStorm/DAO Java code generation tool. FireStorm/DAO makes Java software developers more productive by automatically generating Java source code for accessing relational databases. The benefits provided by CodeFutures' code generation approach are higher developer productivity, better software quality, and lower maintenance costs. The Architect Edition allows new custom code generation templates to be developed and integrated with the FireStorm/DAO Studio environment. - CodeFutures, September 22, 2004

Sirvisetti Launches AutoStream, a Business Communications Platform for Oracle Applications Users

Sirvisetti Systems, a leader in delivering business automation solutions, announced AutoStream for Oracle EBS, the next generation of their successful AutoFax solution. Sirvisetti AutoStream for Oracle EBS is a “Business Communications Automation” platform that automates all aspects of enterprise input/output management functions from Oracle applications suite (11i). Sirvisetti AutoStream for Oracle EBS delivers AutoXML, AutoEDI, AutoFax, AutoMail, AutoPrint, AutoWeb, and AutoWireless to provide enterprise data exchange automation - Sirvisetti Systems Corporation, September 14, 2004

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