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Press Release Category Computers - Software Development - GT LTD Release Date: August 05, 2009

Test Data Generation experts, Grid-Tools Ltd, partner with Bender RBT, the leading vendor in Requirements Based Testing

August 05, 2009
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The leading vendor in Requirements Based Testing, Bender RBT partners with Grid-Tools Ltd, the leading vendor in test data generation and data creation.

PR9.NET August 05, 2009 - Oxford, UK - 2009 Grid-Tools Ltd ( today announced their test data generation software, GT Datamaker, for advanced test data creation and generation techniques, is now integrated with the BenderRBT Test Case Design tool, the international leader in Requirements Based Testing. The integration of the tools will offer a compelling proposition to potential customers looking for high quality test data throughout test and development cycles. The ability to generate or create synthetic data across projects and integrate functional coverage techniques is highly innovative and unique in nature.

Grid-Tools Managing Director, Huw Price, commented with enthusiasm on the new integration stating, "We have had a long standing relationship with Bender RBT and Richard Bender and I look forward to working together and offering innovative and niche testing technologies and techniques for our customers. By combining both technologies customers can now realistically create fantastically rich sets of test data that would have been impossible using manual techniques."

Bender RBT Inc. President and founder, Richard Bender, seconded Mr. Price's comments stating, "We have been very impressed by the quality of Grid-Tools solutions and the depth of knowledge and expertise of their staff. The integration of our respective technologies is a major step in improving the effectiveness and efficiency in key areas of testing and test automation."

The integration allows tests designed in the BenderRBT Test Design tool to be exported into Datamaker to automatically generate the test data bases. It also supports enhancing the set of tests with information from the data model. This can be used to support both functional and performance testing.

In explaining the advantages of the integration to potential customers, Mr. Price stated, "What this integration offers our end customers is help in managing, generating and creating data for their non-production environments; allowing them to build rich and compliant testing, development, training and QA databases".
Bender RBT's tool supports multiple approaches to functional test case design: Cause-Effect Graphing and Pair-Wise Testing, including both optimized pairs and orthogonal pairs.

Grid-Tools prime solution, Datamaker, is designed to automatically create or generate data to aid testing and development of complex database applications. The software also uses database subsetting techniques to create secure databases for non-production environments. Datamaker has a comprehensive database rules discovery tool, documenting database structures. It can either create data with referential and application integrity or mask production data, cleansing it of personal and confidential information to ensure compliance with legislation such as the PCI DSS, the Data Protection Act and HIPAA.

Datamaker's integration with Bender RBT will be invaluable in the provisioning of high quality test and development environments and managing, editing and manipulating test data to integrate code coverage techniques.

The product is available on Grid-Tools website at: For more information contact Grid-Tools at UK: +44 (0) 1865 884600, USA: 1-866-563-3120 or

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Test Data Generation experts, Grid-Tools Ltd, partner with Bender RBT, the leading vendor in Requirements Based Testing

Contact Information of GT LTD Contact Information of GT LTD
Phone +44 (0) 1865 884 603
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 11 Oasis Business Park
Stanton Harcourt Road
OX29 4TP

About Bender RBT

Bender RBT Inc., founded in 1977, is the world's leading expert in Requirements Based Testing (RBT). The RBT process first ensures that the specifications are correct, complete, unambiguous, and logically consistent. Then a necessary and sufficient set of test cases, from a black box perspective, are created to ensure that the design and code fully meet those requirements. By integrating testing throughout the development lifecycle the focus shifts from mere defect detection to defect prevention. This results in higher quality, lower costs, and faster time to deliver. The RBT process can be applied to any application, written in any language, running on any technology including embedded systems, PC, client/server, web based, mainframe, and super-computer based applications. More information about Bender RBT Inc. can be found at their web site:

About GT LTD

Grid-Tools are specialists in data creation, data masking and test data management. Their experienced personnel have been writing and developing solutions for large companies in both the private and public sectors for over 30 years. The Grid-Tools Datamakerâ„¢ suite includes a wide range of tools for test data management including such innovative products as Datamakerâ„¢, a revolutionary tool that creates and publishes quality test data with the referential integrity of production environments for testing and development. Datamakerâ„¢ offers three methods for managing and generating data, inclusive of database subsetting, data obfuscation (data masking and data de-identification) and synthetic data generation.

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