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Press Release Category Computers - Software Development - RFMS, Inc. Release Date: October 16, 2006

RFMS Releases Measure Mobile Software

By RFMS, Inc.
October 16, 2006
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RFMS Measure Mobile is a new innovative software program that works with a Pocket PC for on-site measuring and drawing for floor covering.

PR9.NET October 16, 2006 - Tuscaloosa, AL, RFMS announces the release of Measure Mobile. Measure Mobile is an innovative drawing tool that defines room dimensions, room names, and material to be used in a flooring installation. The software has been designed to quickly draw onsite and gather the data necessary for the core software package, RFMS Measure, to complete the estimate. Those who measure onsite or anyone who must confirm measurements onsite from plans that have already been bid can immediately benefit from utilizing Measure Mobile.

Because Measure Mobile is installed on a Pocket PC, flooring professionals are no longer forced to take a laptop or tablet pc onsite for drawing purposes. Instead, after using Measure Mobile on the Pocket PC, you simply return to the office and complete the estimate in RFMS Measure.


In our increasingly competitive environment, flooring professionals must stay abreast of the bottom line enhancing tools and technologies that are available to them. Employing Measure Mobile increases the accuracy and speed of drawing rooms or areas for any size floor covering job. At an entry level price of $199.00 (plus the cost of a Pocket PC and RFMS Measure), this technology can be obtained and implemented with a comparatively small investment of time and money. This will allow the flooring dealer to become instantly more profitable and competitive in the marketplace. Measure Mobile may also be used along with the Leica Disto A6 Bluetooth laser measuring device for even more measuring accuracy and speed.

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Contact Information of RFMS, Inc. Contact Information of RFMS, Inc.
Phone 800-536-7367
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About RFMS, Inc.

RFMS is the developer of the premier business management software for the floor covering industry. RFMS is the only flooring software company that is directed by a profitable flooring dealer, hence the only floor covering software developer that provides complete business modeling ranging from system training to long-term business planning and execution.

Our first client began using our software in 1984 and is still an active user of the most current RFMS flooring software tools available. Since then, RFMS has automated over 2,000 dealers operating in 6,000+ locations across the US, Canada and Austrailia.

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