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Press Release Category Computers - Software Development - Elitecore Technologies Ltd. Release Date: October 29, 2005

JISP Announces OSS / BSS to Build Profitable WiMAX

By Elitecore Technologies Ltd.
October 29, 2005
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JISP Convergent Billing announces the adaptation of its convergent billing framework to carry WiMAX from pure backhauling and remote connectivity towards the retail end.

PR9.NET October 29, 2005 - JISP Convergent Billing announces the adaptation of its convergent billing framework to carry WiMAX from pure backhauling and remote connectivity towards the retail end. In its drive to be part of this emerging technology, JISP is working closely with leading WiMAX vendors. It has made a heavy investment with focus on building retail and carrier-grade capabilities into WiMAX, factors that are critical to profitable deployment.

JISP's portfolio includes pre-WiMAX deployments in Africa where the technology finds ready acceptance due to lack of infrastructure. In addition, it supports current WiMAX deployments in India.

With industry analysts forecasting USD 3 to 5 billion WiMAX market by 2009, the technology is set to penetrate the service provider market.

"JISP adds another much needed dimension to WiMAX which currently focuses on interoperability issues," says Hemal Patel, CEO and Managing Director, Elitecore Technologies, vendor of JISP Convergent Billing. "By incorporating JISP, WiMAX can convert its technology strengths of cost-effective and high speed connectivity to business and market benefits of high margins and customer satisfaction."

Through pre-provisioning and self-provisioning, spectrum optimization, AAA and enhanced offerings, JISP enables service providers to move away from flat billing, limited services and unreliable service levels which lead to suboptimal spectrum utilization, revenue leakage, low margins and customer dissatisfaction.

JISP enables profitable WiMAX deployments while ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction through delivery of value-added data, voice, video services, simple authentication, multiple client device support, instant service activation, easy roaming and payment facilities across technologies.

"JISP delivers scale with margins to WiMAX through its 4C focus – customers, competition, content and channel partners – enhancing WiMAX competitive strengths," says Nikhil Jain, President and COO, Elitecore Technologies. "In the process, we extract the full potential of WiMAX and ensure rapid absorption of the technology into mainstream service provider business."

JISP's single, comprehensive platform lowers operating costs and ensures easy management, making WiMAX deployment a highly attractive proposition from day zero.

JISP is the carrier-grade billing, customer care, mediation and provisioning platform which ensures delivery of service levels that match existing wireline and wireless technologies.

To enable the deployment of profit-ready WiMAX, JISP is partnering with leading WiMAX equipment vendors like Redline, WiLAN, BelAir Networks among others, reducing the time lag between deployment of WiMAX certified equipment and the launch of profitable WiMAX services.

JISP is a leading billing player in the Indian subcontinent with a 90 per cent market share of the Indian pre-paid dial-up billing market and over 35 per cent of the post-paid dial-up market. Elitecore supports a subscriber base of over 3 million end-customers through leading telecom players like Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), Reliance, Bharti, Hathway and more.

About Elitecore Technologies
Elitecore Technologies combines an innovative approach with deep business knowledge to offer convergent billing solutions for voice, video and data services over wireline and wireless networks. JISP equips service providers with the resilience to build successful convergence, together with the intelligence to create fine segmentation, enhancing profit margins. Open, expandable APIs, make JISP a future-proof solution, empowering clients to deliver great customer service, introduce innovative revenue-generating products rapidly, reduce total cost of ownership and enjoy scale with margins. For greater detail, please visit and

Elitecore's other products include unified threat management solutions for enterprises and Wi-Fi management solutions for service providers.

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Contact Information of Elitecore Technologies Ltd. Contact Information of Elitecore Technologies Ltd.
Phone +91-79-26405600
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected

About Elitecore Technologies Ltd.

Elitecore Technologies Limited is the provider of JISP Convergent Billing, a leading carrier-grade billing, provisioning and customer care solution. In addition, it provides unified threat management solutions.

Elitecore was formed with major investment from Eclipse Micro Computer Inc., based in New York. Eclipse Micro’s client list includes some of the leading financial entities in the US, like Chase Manhattan Bank, Dresdner Bank among others.

Elitecore is a dynamic young player with a 75 % growth rate since inception. With the corporate office and a state-of-the-art R&D center in Ahmedabad, India, Elitecore also has offices in USA and Australia.

Elitecore is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company.

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