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Press Release Category Computers - Software Development - Grid-Tools Release Date: March 30, 2005

Grid-Tools Launches Automated Data Comparison and Subset Database Creation Tools

By Grid-Tools
March 30, 2005
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Software based on powerful workflow technology for system testing and application development

PR9.NET March 30, 2005 - Oxford, UK – Grid-Tools Limited today announced the release of its IT Process Automation (ITPA) software to help organisations manage and maintain increasingly complex IT systems. The Grid-Tools solutions can be implemented as standard technology packs, or bespoke solutions and help IT departments to adapt to new technologies, while maximising the value of legacy systems.

The increasing complexity of IT systems means they are more difficult to manage and maintain. At the same time the pressure to meet and exceed quality service levels is unrelenting. Grid-Tools IT Process Automation (ITPA) framework provides control over longer running processes allowing users to schedule, authorise and manage any submitted processes. The framework is provided as part of all the Grid-Tools technology packs, and initially will support data comparison and subsetting tools to make system testing more efficient. Further 'tech packs' will then utilise this underlying framework.

Automated and Accurate Tools for IT Professionals

Manual, time-consuming IT tasks that are prone to error tie up IT professionals when they need to concentrate on projects that add real value to the organisation. The automation of mundane IT processes liberates staff to focus on more strategic projects. Grid-Tools' products address the need for more automated and accurate IT processes.

Advanced Data Comparison

GT Compare from Grid-Tools allows easy identification of what data has changed in a database during development, system testing and problem tracking. GT Compare can identify what updates, inserts and deletes have occurred during a specified period with changes for each table being colour coded and in separate tabs. GT Compare is a desktop utility that can be used by system testers to validate and track any data changes.

Subsetting Tool for System Testing

GT Subset from Grid-Tools allows quick and easy creation of Oracle subset databases for system testing and application development. Using the latest technology from Oracle combined with an easy to use front end GT Subset provides a low cost method of rapidly creating test databases. GT Subset is a desktop utility that allows the definition of any relationships required to subset data as well as use existing database constraints. GT Subset can be installed in a matter of minutes and only requires access to an Oracle database to begin building subsets databases.

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Contact Information of Grid-Tools Contact Information of Grid-Tools
Phone 01865 812049
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address Grid-Tools Limited
The Oxford Centre for Innovation
Mill Street
Oxford, OX2 0JX

About Grid-Tools

Grid-Tools is a pioneer in developing process management and workflow automation solutions that address the need for more automated and accurate IT processes. IT Process Automation (ITPA) software solutions from Grid-Tools model, automate, manage and optimise complex IT processes to allow organisations to more effectively manage their complex IT systems.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Oxford in the UK, Grid-Tools brings the benefits of powerful workflow automation to manage time-consuming tasks within IT departments. Grid-Tools' solutions are focused on real customer requirements, and aim to provide ITPA products that adapt flexibly to changing needs and provide rapid, substantial ROI.

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