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Press Release Category Computers - Software Development - Sirvisetti Systems Corporation Release Date: February 02, 2005

Sirvisetti AutoStream Offers Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solutions for Enterprises Applications such as Oracle EBS

By Sirvisetti Systems Corporation
February 02, 2005
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Edison, NJ - Sirvisetti Systems, a leader in delivering business automation solutions, announced its offering of the RFID solution for Enterprises Applications such as Oracle EBS. A component of AutoStream, AutoRFID, integrates with the RFID readers across enterprise and captures the relevant data from the RFID tags. The data/information is then transformed and integrated with Enterprise Applications such as Oracle EBS. Sirvisetti AutoStream is a business communications automation platform that automates all aspects of enterprise data and documents input and output management functions.

PR9.NET February 02, 2005 - Sirvisetti AutoStream, with its AutoRFID component, automates the data and information flow between Enterprise Applications (Inventory or Asset Tracking), including Legacy, and RFID Tags/devices of inventory items. Though manual bar code scanning has been there in the market for quite some time, the focus is shifting fast towards RFID based solutions since they have a number of advantages over traditional bar-code based solutions. RFID tracking is fast, secure, reliable and can be tailored to the needs of an enterprise.

AutoRFID adds significant value to Enterprises. Enterprises that can readily benefit from AutoStream-AutoRFID are Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Supply chain, Logistics, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Hospitals, Large Farms, Diaries, Hotels, Transportation, Airlines, Prisons, Large Parking lots, Gas Stations, etc.

AutoStream components include AutoFax, AutoEmail, AutoPrint, AutoEDI, AutoXML, AutoScan, AutoWeb AutoRFID and AutoWireless. AutoStream supports multiple document formats (e.g. XML, EDI, PDF), multiple industry standards (e.g OAG, RosettaNet, X12, EDIFACT, HL7), multiple delivery channels (e.g. SOAP, SFTP, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Wireless, Fax, Print), multiple directions (e.g. inbound/outbound) and multiple security options (e.g. PGP, XML-Encryption, WS-Security).

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Contact Information of Sirvisetti Systems Corporation Contact Information of Sirvisetti Systems Corporation
Phone 732-985-2200
FAX 732-985-4448
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 347 Plainfield Avenue
Edison NJ 08817

About Sirvisetti Systems Corporation

Sirvisetti Systems was founded in April 2000 by technical and business executives from Oracle, MIT, and Harvard. Sirvisetti is a leading provider of technology that enables deep dynamic real time Business Automation across functional, application, platform and business boundaries. Sirvisetti's comprehensive solutions and products are designed and built based on web services technology and use emerging global eBusiness standards, such as UDDI and ebXML. Sirvisetti's innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions enable you to hide complexity and achieve improved productivity with your Enterprise applications.

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