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Sadie Robertson of A&E's Duck Dynasty & ABC's Dancing With the Stars Supports Girls Empowerment Movement and Donates to Charity

There's no doubt that celebrities and other high profile influencers can have a hugely positive impact on girls worldwide. Lifestyle empowerment brand BYOU's mission is to empower girls to love themselves for exactly who they are and to celebrate all the differences that make
them unique. - Childrens Educational Network, September 08, 2015

Buckinghamshire Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Announces Tangible Success in 2015

Whatever industry you are in, a focussed marketing strategy is pivotal to continued success. A-Mark Cleaning services have shown astuteness in their entrepreneurial approach and assertive analysis. - A-Mark Cleaning Services, August 23, 2015

Essex-Based Stone Floor Restorer Announces the Launch of Their Informative Blog

It is very important that today?s businesses remain at the top of their field and tailor their approaches to match the way in which their clients search for information. MCS Stonecare show evidence of their innovative approach by launching an exceptionally informative blog page for potential and existing clients. - MCS Stonecare, August 22, 2015

Cheshire Joiner Announces Sustained Growth for 2015

Any tradesman will be more than familiar with the fact that today?s industries are saturated and it is often challenging to ensure growth is consistently sustained. Squirrel Joinery have left their competition standing as they announce incredible growth in the first half of 2015. - Squirrel Joinery, July 26, 2015

Floor Cleaning Expert Reveals Unprecedented Growth in 2015

An important part of business is the requirement to remain consistently at the top of your field by offering exceptional finishes, unrivalled customer care and to continuously monitor the success and failures closely. 1 Stop Floor Care?s embedded entrepreneurial skills have carried them through to continued success in the first half of 2015. - 1 Stop Floor Care, July 22, 2015

London Floor Care Provider Announces New Launch of Stone Type Pages

It is always refreshing to find a company who look to better the standards of their industry and to inform potential clientele with information that will benefit them. Anyfloor, London, has launched valuable new pages informing clients about their specialist provision for stone floor restoration. - Anyfloor, June 26, 2015

Berkshire Stone Cleaning and Restoration Specialist Launches New Product Line

If you are ever looking for evidence of a thriving company it will be one that is constantly looking to diversify to suit their ever-changing clients? requirements. AbleStonecare UK have recently launched a new product line that can be purchased through their comprehensive and vibrant website, showing evidence of a successful and prosperous business. - Able Stonecare UK, June 23, 2015

New tiles for hospitality debut at Marble Systems new display, booth 2079, HDExpo Vegas, May 13, 2015

Marble Systems will show off their newest contract-hospitality natural stone and porcelain decorative wall tiles and floor tiles in their new booth ? 2079 - at HDExpo, Mandalay Las Vegas, May 13-14-15, 2015. Free Starbucks gift cards giveaway! - RMAC, May 01, 2015

Stone Restoration Specialist Announces Noteworthy Demand for Stone Cleaning

To exceed in business it is important to offer comprehensive niche services. This provision demands astuteness, determination and time-served experience. Durham-based stone cleaning and restoration specialists, Absolutely Floor Restore announce increased demand for their services as a result of this approach. - Absolutely Floor Restore, April 22, 2015

Floor and Soft Furnishing Cleaning Expert Announces Impressive Growth

The most astute business owners are capable of setting tangible goals that will both challenge and drive the success of their business forward. Brights Cleaning show great fortitude in their analysis of their accomplishments within the last financial year. - Brights Cleaning, March 24, 2015

Floor Sanding and Restoration Specialists Announce Largest Year of Growth to Date

Growth for any business in difficult and challenging economic times is both noteworthy and pays testament to the credibility of any Company able to support such claims. Oxford Floor Care offer an insight into their success in their announcement of growth. - Oxford Floor Care, March 23, 2015

Cathay Cigars Launches its JT1492 Cigar Brand in Asia

Cathay Cigars of Asia is the leading distributor of Non-Cuban cigars in Asia. Including cigar sommelier services, cigar events and cigar education in Asia. - Cathay Cigars of Asia Corporation, March 15, 2015

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