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Press Release Category Business - Trade - The Ad Firm Release Date: December 15, 2008

Statuary Finish: The Latest Trend for Air Return Grilles and Floor Grates

By The Ad Firm
December 15, 2008
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Tips and advice from the professionals on statuary finishes, one of the hottest new trends for air return grilles and floor grates in both homes and office buildings.

PR9.NET December 15, 2008 - Statuary finishes are among the hottest new trends in the building products industry. Today architects, builders and homeowners are looking to compliment homes and office buildings with accents and fixtures that feature the luxurious appearances of antique brass or bronze. Architectural Grille, one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of heating and ventilation grilles, offers some tips and insight.

"When applied to quality grates and air return grilles statuary finishes can be amazing. They truly look just like antique brass or bronze. However, there are so many variables in the manufacturing process that great care must be taken to assure that all the grates or grilles for each order are consistent in the look and uniformity of the finish," said Richard Cammarata.

Richard points out the many factors involved this oxidation process that may cause significant variances in the end product.

"To achieve the antique look of aging, an oxidizing chemical is rubbed into the metal by hand. The base metal is critical to the outcome of the finish. If the base is brass or bronze, oxidation will change the surface color accordingly, the more copper in the base material, the darker shade the final finish will be. For example, bronze has a higher percentage of copper in it than brass, giving it a redder or darker appearance," he explained.

Once the chemical is applied to a floor grate or an air return grille it begins to dry. Depending on the climate conditions drying times may vary. This variance also affects the quality of the final product.

Other underlying factors that affect the final color include:

• Time spent in the solution
• The composition of the solution
• The amount of chemical applied to the product
• The humidity of the area where the process takes place
• The amount of time from manufacturing to end-use
• Even the local temperature and altitude will affect this finish

"Architectural Grille takes great pride in its knowledge of the techniques used to achieve statuary finishes and this shows in the consistency of our product," says Rich. "Through the entire manufacturing process we work off our standard color swatches, unless a customer provides a color swatch, then we try to come as close as possible. For added protection we apply a lacquer to air return grilles and floor grates. Then, it only takes the occasional swipe of a damp cloth to keep that beautiful antique affect looking great for years to come."

For more information about Architectural Grille visit

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