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Press Release Category Business - Trade - TED Release Date: June 20, 2008

Trading EveryDay Launches "Advanced Charting Analysis Explained" Seminar Series

June 20, 2008
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If you're ready to graduate from Basic Charting Analysis 101 to a more advanced charting analysis course, then "Advanced Charting Analysis Explained" is for you. Get beyond the "How's" of why trading strategies work and dive into the "Why's". You'll be a better trader after attending this seminar series.

PR9.NET June 20, 2008 - San Jose, CA – Trading EveryDay will launch a new seminar series, "Advanced Charting Analysis Explained( )", next week for traders of all types and levels who want to get past the basics of chart analysis. The series will provide extensive details of charting analysis usually reserved for only the most serious and qualified traders.

"Advanced Charting Analysis Explained( )" is a real-time audio and video seminar series that is presented in a manner that makes what could be very technical details extremely accessible and easy to understand for traders of any level. If you want to graduate from Basic Chart Analysis 101, then this is the seminar for you. It consists of three (3) 2-Hour sessions (beginning at 1:15pm EST after the close of the US markets) over three (3) consecutive weeks.

Trading Everyday ( ) believes it's time to get past "How" trading strategies work and into the "Why" they work (or don't work). Here's a glimpse of a few topics to be covered at the series:
• Learn to apply the simple Opening Range Test for finding high-odds trades.
• Discover how to maximize your trading capital by using advanced trading techniques while managing the risk.
• Explore short-term scalp trading tactics for aggressive trading.
• Examine effective trading techniques for making trade adjustments.
• Experience a rare opportunity to find out what characterizes an effective trading system and learn how you can create one of your own that complements your individual trading personality.
• Skill strengthening with trading software completes this comprehensive - and unforgettable - educational experience.
• And much, much more!

Trading EveryDay continues to assist traders of all levels by providing stellar educational trading materials and learning opportunities. The company is relentless when it comes to delivering on its promises to provide traders with what they need when they need it at reasonable (i.e., low) prices. If they aren't already, Trading EveryDay will soon become the premier source of discerning traders for educational trading products and services. Check out this seminar. You'll be a better trader for doing so.

Trading EveryDay ( ) is a distinguished provider of educational trading products and services, believing that the only difference between an average trader and a great trader is education and coaching. Its products and services are designed to cater to traders of all levels and meet their individual needs and budgetary limitations. Trading EveryDay products and services are available worldwide - all you need is the desire to improve your trading activities, a computer, and internet access. You can visit the site by logging on to

Contact Information:, LLC
117 Bernal RD #70-210
San Jose CA 95119

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Contact Information of TED Contact Information of TED
Phone 1-408-821-2895
FAX 1-408-821-2895
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address, LLC
380 La Strada Drive 95123

About TED

Trading EveryDay ( ) diligently works to create, develop, and launch new products and services on an ongoing basis. While the fundamentals of trading remain the “same”, TED strives to meet the needs of those traders with the desire to improve their trading, reinforcing its goal to become a premier source of discerning traders for educational trading products and services.

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