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Press Release Category Business - Trade - AMCI Release Date: October 02, 2007

High Speed Analog Module For ControlLogix Leaves Competition Scrambling

October 02, 2007
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AMCI's high-speed analog inspection module for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system is engineered for applications that require rapid inspection, flexibility and precision.

PR9.NET October 02, 2007 - Terryville, CT - Advanced Micro Controls, Inc. (AMCI), a Connecticut based industrial controls company, announces the release of their 5274 ControlLogix High Speed Analog Inspection PLC module. AMCI developed the 5274 PLC module to satisfy customers disappointed by competing analog control modules, whose limited processor speeds restrict their performance in high-speed applications. The 5274 module samples the inputs every 25μs, enabling exceptionally fast inspection times.

AMCI's High Speed Analog Inspection module for ControlLogix is engineered for accuracy and outpaces competing modules where it counts most – speed. The AMCI module, model number 5274, takes analog samples at known points, defined by digital inputs, encoder counts, or time, and compares these measured values to a pre-programmed profile to determine whether or not the tested part passed or failed. The module's digital outputs can be programmed to indicate an error immediately or at some programmed number of samples later. These design features enable customers to specify the AMCI High Speed Analog module for applications that require rapid inspection, flexibility and precision.

The 5274 module also contributes to process improvement by reporting statistical information, such as measured value, maximum value, minimum value, and average value, of each inspection cycle to the PLC. Capturing these production metrics allows customers to manage their lines efficiently and identify opportunities for improvement.

An additional feature of AMCI's 5274 module is the ability to report the Coordinated System Time (CST) at the beginning of each measurement cycle, allowing the module's data to be used in Timestamping operations.

The 5274 High Speed Analog Inspection module marks the 5th specialty module that AMCI has released for Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix system. As the original third party supplier to Rockwell Automation, AMCI benefits from a long standing partnership with Allen Bradley. This close relationship guarantees a finished product that is 100% compatible with Allen Bradley PLCs for true plug and play functionality. Additional "plug-in" solutions developed by AMCI for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system include a Resolver interface, SSI interface, PLS controller and Stepper controllers.

Customers interested in the AMCI High Speed Analog Inspection module for ControlLogix, or any of AMCI's specialty PLC modules, are encouraged to speak with a company representative who can walk them through the specifying process.

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Contact Information of AMCI Contact Information of AMCI
Phone 860-585-1254
FAX 860-584-1973
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 20 Gear Drive
Terryville, CT 06786

About AMCI

AMCI is a worldwide leader in industrial control products, including the design, manufacture and marketing of packaging and stamping press controllers, ranging from rotary sensors to PLC modules to networked automation devices. Both internationally and in the US, its NEXUS, GENESIS, DURACODER, EASYPACK and PRESSPRO brands and products provide the highest value and most reliable performance in the world.

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