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Press Release Category Business - Trade - Alpenlore Release Date: January 16, 2015

Alpenlore debuts multi-function ADVENTURE BELT campaign on Kickstarter

By Alpenlore
January 16, 2015
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The wear-daily belt that's ready for an emergency! Unravel & go!

PR9.NET January 16, 2015 - Tokyo - Alpenlore Inc. is preparing new and specialized hiking equipment to augment its brand and to diversify its appeal to sportsmen as well as to casual customers. In order to meet projected customer demand generated from its Kickstarter product sales drive, (anticipated mid-Jan, 2015), the company desires to expand its social media profile and to devote proceeds to responsible reinvestment in the company and to increase sponsorship of worthwhile causes.

Founded in the USA, headquartered in Tokyo (Ichikawa), Japan, and with representation in London, England and Lucerne, Switzerland, Alpenlore's CEO Scott D. Palmer, an American adventurist & world traveler, founded his company in 2012 with a mission to engineer creative survival gear. The result was "The world's most compact adventure belt," a device packed with dozens of unique functions that can be worn anywhere, daily, always there to aid you.

"We hope to find interest from retailers looking for exciting new products to add to their inventories. We created the belts with outdoor adventurers in mind, those into bushcraft and wilderness survival. This belt, however, holds a great amount of appeal for any everyday belt wearer as a casual belt, this is perfectly acceptable."

Endorsed by three-time Olympic skiing medalist and avid outdoorsman Johnny Spillane, who finds Alpenlore belts invaluable in any environment. The belts, expertly woven from ~50ft of high-tension "ProCord", conceal a miniature survival kit (matches/striker, X-Acto blade, fish-hooks) tucked inside the belt and a pocket survival guide that slips inside any wallet. Money can also be hidden inside the belt?s core, which makes it great for travel. Retailing from $59.99, they are well-aligned with trends in practical multi-use equipment, cleverly designed and fashionable - available in 12 colors.

The functional and ruggedly fashionable belts have the ability to be used as emergency rope for hauling gear, constructing shelters, even building a stretcher and were recently modified to include the innovative survival kit. As such, they make exceptional gifts for anyone traveling about town, or with an interest in short or long hikes. The belts may be purchased online, or in select stores in Tokyo and London.


Example component uses:

Haul forest materials; construct a shelter; build a stretcher; fix a broken backpack; hang food in tree; carry Injured. Build dead-fall trap to catch game.
Replace broken shoelaces; tie equipment; tie tripod for fire-pit. Use inner rope-core for fishing; use inner rope-core for sewing.
Throw line for water rescue; lower food down to injured; bind a broken leg; apply a tourniquet, make a sling.
Fish hooks for fishing; matches for cooking; matches for signaling, staying warm, X-Acto blade for cleaning game, spearing, cutting rope, carving
Tie rescue knots & binding knots; keep warm; catch food; locate food; stay warm. Find direction, find shelter, learn gear necessities. Avoid altitude sickness, understand weather impacts.

S: 27-31 in - 68-80 cm
M: 31-37 in - 80-96 cm
L: 37-46 in - 96-116 cm

COST: USD $59.99


# # #

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About Alpenlore

Alpenlore is a manufacturer of emergency belts for bushcraft and hiking.

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