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Press Release Category Business - Trade - iMerchandise Fashion APP Release Date: December 09, 2013

Wholesale Fashion Buying Becomes Easy with iMerchandise

By iMerchandise Fashion APP
December 09, 2013
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iMerchandise is an app that works both on iPhone and iPad. The app offers a whole new way of organizing fashion buying. Its features are specifically optimized for store owners and fashion industry professionals.

PR9.NET December 09, 2013 - Being a wholesale fashion buyer requires outstanding organizational and time management skills. In the past, being efficient was not easy because of all the paperwork and emails. The new iMerchandise app for iOS changes this and makes wholesale clothes buying a lot more manageable.

The goal of this app is to make the whole buying process manageable from one place. iMerchandise eliminates the need for paper notes and line sheets and helps to coordinate email communication with suppliers and vendors.

iMerchandise can do it all - snap photos with its auto-focusing camera, let the user add notes to the photos and organize the images into boards, create products, and manage deliveries. It is the only app specially developed for fashion buyers.

iMerchandise combines business features with visual, Pinterest-like functionality and ease of use. Wholesale buyers can start using the app straight when they attend fashion shows and events by taking photos of different models. These photos can be customized with just a few simple clicks and then organized into boards. Each photo can be labeled with a style number or any other information, which makes it easy to manage hundreds of different photos. As for the boards, they can be organized according to brand, style, season, or color scheme.

However, iMerchandise is not a social media app. Even though it does have social sharing features, its main functionality evolves around wholesale buying. This means that all products are manageable not only from the style and color point of view, but also from the stock and budget perspective. iMerchandise does that very well. Users can create a budget bar that makes it possible to check spending at a glance, and boards help to avoid overstocking a certain color or style.

iMerchandise can also assist store owners with dealing with suppliers, deliveries and billing. The app can create PDF documents that have order details and generate PO numbers. In addition to that, users can send correspondence to suppliers directly from the app.

For more information about iMerchandise, visit

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Contact Information of iMerchandise Fashion APP Contact Information of iMerchandise Fashion APP

About iMerchandise Fashion APP

iMerchandise is an app that works both on iPhone and iPad. The app offers a whole new way of organizing fashion buying. Its features are specifically optimized for store owners and fashion industry professionals.

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