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Press Release Category Business - Telecommunications - ConnectMeAnywhere Limited Release Date: July 28, 2008

Call Local to Connect Worldwide with New ConnectMeAnywhere Call-ME Numbers

By ConnectMeAnywhere Limited
July 28, 2008
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"ConnectMeAnywhere is saving me over £50 a month in conference call costs alone" – Chris Burke (ex-CTO Vodafone UK).

PR9.NET July 28, 2008 - London, UK - Call-ME Numbers are the new way to stay connected by allowing friends, family, colleagues and customers to call you on a local (home) number that connects to your phone(s) wherever you are in the world, while saving you up to 95% on international call costs.

You purchase your own dedicated phone number that will forward to your phones worldwide so you never miss a call from the people you want you hear from and pay only a fraction of the normal calling rate by letting them call you locally to connect to you worldwide! You can purchase a Call-ME Number in 36 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Singapore and many more.

How it works:

•Purchase a local (home) Call-ME phone number.
•Add phones worldwide to your account which you can set to ON (ring) or OFF (no ring)
•Give out your Call-ME number to family, friends, colleagues or customers.
•When they call your Call-ME number we will forward the call to your worldwide phone(s).
•If you do not answer they can leave a voice message which will be emailed to you for FREE...great when you cannot get phone reception.
•Call from any phone to any phone worldwide.
•Call-ME numbers were designed for people who travel & live in countries that often have high calling rates or connecting is difficult.

For example; Investor Chris Burke, ex CTO of Vodafone UK has purchased a Call-ME Number in Toronto, Canada. All his Canadian contacts and family simply call the Toronto number which is forwarded to the phones Chris has set to ring, or he can listen to his voicemail from his email address or online in his ConnectMeAnywhere account. "I synchronise my outlook contact list so I can use ConnectMeAnywhere voice activated dialling from any phone in the world as cheap as a local phone call" – Chris Burke July 2008.

Pricing: Whoever calls your Call-ME Number pays to connect to the local number. This will cost them the same as any other call they make to a local number. If they have free bundled minutes then this call will be free to them. You then pay to connect the international leg to your phone(s) where-ever you are in the world or alternatively relay it to voicemail for FREE. The low-cost rate per minute can save you up to 95% on your phone bill, see sample rates below. There are no premium rated numbers to call, no connection or service fees and no contracts.

Rates start from as little as...* From any phone worldwide TO:
•United States 2.3 Euro cents per minute
•United Kingdom 1.3 Euro cents per minute
•Japan 2.8 Euro cents per minute
•Singapore 1.4 Euro cents per minute
•Thailand 2 Euro cents per minute
•Canada 1.1 Euro cents per minute
•Vietnam 5.8 Euro cents per minute
•Saudi Arabia 5.8 Euro cents per minute
* Rates are quoted in Euro cents per minute.

Learn more at the ConnectMeAnywhere website

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Contact Information of ConnectMeAnywhere Limited Contact Information of ConnectMeAnywhere Limited
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About ConnectMeAnywhere Limited

ConnectMeAnywhere is a communications company offering a range of voice and data services that bring the functional and price benefits of the web to the phone. Our voice platform allows us to provide high quality calling from any to any device, including mobile phones, and easily integrates voice functionality into a range of applications.

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