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Press Release Category Business - Telecommunications - SmartFinds Internet Marketing Release Date: October 02, 2006

Blueconnect Now Available

By SmartFinds Internet Marketing
October 02, 2006
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Brandmotion and Johnson Controls of Grand Rapids, MI collaborated to offer a new line of pre-installed hands free phone systems. The Blueconnect® system is a solution for the dangers associated with cell phone use while driving. This system is a simple solution for communication on the go.

PR9.NET October 02, 2006 - Detroit, MI - Brandmotion and Johnson Controls of Grand Rapids, MI collaborated to offer a new line of pre-installed hands free phone systems. The Blueconnect® system is a solution for the dangers associated with cell phone use while driving. This system is a simple solution for communication on the go.

Brandmotion designed their Blueconnect® in both a rail and non-rail version. Both engineered to offer a factory - installed appearance. The purpose of this engineering is to allow drivers to have their hands - free phone systems free of wires, thus eliminating clutter. The reason these units do look factory-installed design is such that a new bin containing Blueconnect ® will replace the bin already in the vehicle. This means that the installation does not require any cutting or splicing of wires. The bins offered depend on the customer's vehicle. Customers will have a bin that fits directly into the overhead rail or one that replaces the bin behind the dome light in the middle console overhead. The bins, made specifically to complement a vehicles interior come in a variety of colors including parchment, flint, and ebony.

The Blueconnect® system is the same technology that Honda and Acura currently offer. According to, this system offers the highest percentage of cell phone compatibility. This means that most Bluetooth enabled phones will pair properly with the Blueconnect system, thus allowing the absolute best wireless technology. Users who already posses the technology have boasted that Blueconnect® offers the best in noise reduction and echo cancellation.

Blueconnect®, designed with the customer in mind is simple to pair with a Bluetooth enabled phone. The Brandmotion unit stores up to seven phones, with thirty-two names per phone. The phones are stored in the Blueconnect® system by priority assigning each phone a number one being the highest priority down to seven being the lowest. The unit will automatically recognize the cell phones when they enter the vehicle, and will pair to the highest priority cell phone in the vehicle. While driving the user need not keep their cell phone out in the open, Blueconnect® will recognize their phone allowing cell phones to remain safely stored. When a call comes in the speakers will automatically dissipate background noise alerting the driver that they are receiving a call. In the event that the driver would like to make a call, they can with the simple press of a button and a voice command.

Unlike competing systems, Blueconnect® does not require a monthly bill. All calls come from the user's cell phone minutes. Thus, allowing consumers a more cost - effective way to stay connected while driving.

Brandmotion LLC is a leading supplier of highly integrated accessories for the automotive interior, offering solutions to automakers, their dealers, and consumer - direct. Brandmotion specializes in supporting drivers' lifestyles for state of the art travel, communication, and entertainment.

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Blueconnect Now Available

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