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Press Release Category Business - Telecommunications - Specialty Answering Service Release Date: March 15, 2006

Specialty Answering Service Opens Local Presence Offices

By Specialty Answering Service
March 15, 2006
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Specialty Answering Service's announced plan to hire and train customer service representatives in each metropolitan region of the U.S.

PR9.NET March 15, 2006 - Todd Cardin of Specialty Answering Service today announced the companies plan to launch a localized presence to further enhance the nationwide services scope. Although the operations offices will remain at their current locations, Specialty plans to work hand in hand with local customer service representatives to give the end user the feel of dealing with a local company. "The cornerstone philosophy of Specialty Answering Service is to service the customer by what their needs are as opposed to where the customer is located", Said Todd Cardin, Sales Manager of Specialty. "It does not make sense to have one call center answering the phones of every type of business and professional." Yet today over 75% of all businesses in the United States still use a local call center.

Even though most businesses never have direct contact with their answering service, they still feel comfortable having a service that they could drive to. Customer service is always a phone call away but people still like doing business with a neighbor. Specialty Answering Service has adopted the philosophy of providing service nationally and customer service locally. Todd Cardin announced the plan to find a customer service representative in every state to act as a customer service liaison. The idea is a new one but it is a hybrid of the traditional localized answering service and the fledgling nationwide call centers.

The concept set to begin in early 2007 is expected to take three years to complete. In order to sustain a customer service point of presence in every state, a major marketing initiative needs to take place in order to support such an infrastructure. Todd Cardin said the companies initially considered opening several answering services to take advantage of the still viable local answering service market, but decided against it. We have found that the local answering service is not really a practical operation considering the knowledge base that one needs to be able to answer phones for the doctor as well as the plumber.

"Specialization is still the wave of the future", Todd Cardin said. "We have come so far in the last twenty years in what we do that reverting back to the old local answering service would be a mistake." In the days of his original business Todd Cardin Answering Service, there were not a whole lot of nationwide services and virtually no specialty services with the exception of medical answering services. The local customer service office will answer many clients concerns without compromising the integrity of specialized service. The days of local answering services are still here and will remain for some time, but as technology grows and long distance becomes even more affordable than local phone service nationwide services will continue to grow.

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Phone 1-888-532-4794
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About Specialty Answering Service

Specialty Answering Service is a professional live operator 24 hour telephone answering service and advanced call center for large and small business. Also manage business, bilingual, outsourcing, solutions, inbound, telemarketing, medical, physician, virtual, and internet applications.

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