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Press Release Category Business - Telecommunications - Gennux Microsystems Corp. Release Date: January 21, 2005

One2Connect partners with Gennux to provide the solution to Unwanted Electronic Messaging (Spam) to Western Europe

By Gennux Microsystems Corp.
January 21, 2005
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One2Connect bv has joined the growing number of Gennux's eW@LL e-Messaging Protection Solution providers devoted to putting an end to Unwanted Electronic Messaging which is now threatening the Global Messaging Infrastructure.

PR9.NET January 21, 2005 - Gennux is pleased to announce that One2Connect bv has joined the growing number of eW@LL e-Messaging Protection Solution providers devoted to putting an end to Unwanted Electronic Messaging which is now threatening the Global Messaging Infrastructure.

One2Connect is devoting the Companies' full attention to introducing the eW@LL Solution to their customers in Western Europe.

One2Connect's efforts will be focused on the areas which are at the greatest risk of revenue losses due to Unwanted Electronic Messaging (Spam) such as Telecommunication Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Public and Private Agencies and the End Users. They will be requesting assistance from all who are capable of contributing to their mission as well as those in neighboring Countries.

"With the recent joining of One2Connect to the group of companies and agencies dedicated to the eradication of Unwanted Electronic Messaging, the eW@LL Solution is being better positioned to response to this Global threat. By year end 2005 eW@LL will be globally accessible to all users for the protection of email, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's), and Mobile/Cell Phones in all languages in every Country in all Cities in the world.

With every passing day we are closing in on having eW@LL representation globally. Our teams are working around the clock reviewing applications and drafting agreements for those companies which meet the requirements such as One2Connect has.

One2Connect was successful in becoming an eW@LL Solution representative because of their years of expertise in the Telecommunications industry and their honorable reputation. They are committed to help those within the European Union to free them selves of the financial and emotional burden of the Unwanted Messaging Crisis which we are currently inflicted with. I am delighted to have the One2Connect team join with us and all of our in place Partners, in our mission to eradicate Unwanted Electronic Messaging from the Global Messaging infrastructure."

# # #

Contact Information of Gennux Microsystems Corp. Contact Information of Gennux Microsystems Corp.
Phone (780) 437-3806
FAX (780) 486-3637
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 17523-100Ave.

About One2Connect

One2Connect is a leading business development organization world wide. Based in the Netherlands with offices in 15 countries, covering 4 continents, One2Connect offers emerging technology companies focus on their sales business, utilizing the skills of the industry’s “best of breed” sales professionals. One2Connect offers various forms of business development and consultancy services, all with the aim to achieve quick results at limited (financial) risks.

One2Connect is able to offer its services at a fraction of the costs to its customers, as compared to them doing it themselves. This makes it the quickest and most cost effective solution at the lowest risk to One2Connect's clients.

About Gennux Microsystems Corp.

Founded in Canada, Gennux, produced and released the eW@LL Solution in response to the demand for a Globally Acceptable set of tools to manage Unwanted Electronic Messages (Spam) for Governments, Telecommunications Service Providers, ISPs, ASP's business and the public. Gennux's vision and mission is to eliminate this menace to our electronic society with the deployment of the eW@LL solution. To date, the success of this objective has surpassed all business forecasts. Our Customers and Partner Companies will soon be present in every city in every country of the world.

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