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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - AKO UK Ltd Release Date: September 22, 2011

Control Pinch valves and Processing Regulation

September 22, 2011
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Details of industrial pinch valves operated by hand wheel for use within a wide range of industries and applications such as cement, slurry, water, sewage, powders, pigments, aggregates and many more.

PR9.NET September 22, 2011 - The design and construction of Manual operated Pinch Valves provides industry in general with a means of an easy, economic system of regulating the flows of processed products. These include various abrasive materials, corrosive chemicals, slurry and many others. This valve variety has a proven record of providing durable service to the user, with a high performance level, complete reliability and with minimum downtime. When compared to other valve types, the simplicity of Manual Pinch Valves provides a controlled and accurate product flow system for industrial applications.

Proven success of the Manual operated Pinch Valve revolves around the nature of its innovative and uncomplicated design, which incorporates efficiency with extremely effective and easy operation. Their form consists of a purpose constructed casing or body, two end covers or flanges and a highly flexible, abrasive resistant elastomer sleeve, situated inside the valve casing. The elastomer sleeve is usually press-fitted and centered at the respective ends of the casing by the flanges.

The elastomer sleeve, when compressed by the turning of a manual operated hand wheel, enables closing of the Control Pinch Valve to the desired extent, with the rate of a product flow dictated by the degree of pressure applied. Full closure into a tight sealed condition is obtainable, or opening to a determined position, according to material flow requirements. The operation is comparable to controlling the flow of water from a faucet.

For control over the processing of flow products, the elastomer sleeve is a crucial part of the efficient and effective valve operation. It enables the Control Pinch Valve to provide a bi-directional and drop-tight shut-off ability in the regulation of a material flow. Because of the high-level influence attached to the elastomer sleeve, the valve manufacturers have made provision for a specialized service facility.

It is a critical issue that the composition of the elastomer sleeve is compatible with the processing product. This will ensure the best level of performance from the Manual operated Pinch Valves. Because of this aspect, users have the option for the provision of an elastomer sleeve, designed and composed to meet the specifications of their particular application. This ensures the composition of the material for the elastomer sleeve, will give the most effective and efficient service. It is a paramount decision when considering any system design.

An important benefit for users of Control Pinch Valve is the complete and true full bore of this particular valve variety, with the support of a one hundred percent shut-off or sealing process, even in respect of solid materials. Included in this type of processing products are granules, powders, pellets and assorted slurries. It is generally that when processing this variety of product material, other types of valves tend to fail. Generally, the reason for the failures relate to the valve body seat, or the gate or piston of a valve, suffering wear quickly, making it unable to provide a tight shut-off or seal. This is as opposed to the Control Pinch Valve and associated Manual operated Pinch Valves, which function with hardly any wearing of the elastomer sleeve. This is because the high elasticity of the elastomer sleeve absorbs the inherent energy of the processed materials and its anti abrasive nature.

Industry leader and manufacturer of Manual Pinch Valves AKO Armaturen, provides its customers with worldwide service and support. With production plants in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, they are renowned for producing only products of the finest quality, durability and reliability.
AKO has representation in 22 countries, with customer service and support a priority. Innovation in designed development and construction has been a trademark of the company for over 26 years.

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About AKO UK Ltd

AKO UK Ltd is a leading provider of industrial Pinch Valves and other related valve and bulk material handling equipment. AKO UK focuses on customers based within the UK whilst our head office in Germany enjoy supplying the reliable AKO Pinch Valve and other products to companies worldwide.

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