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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - AKO UK Ltd Release Date: September 06, 2011

Sleeves for Pinch Valves and Extraordinary Performance

September 06, 2011
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Details of the different types of rubber material available for industrial pinch valve sleeves, including their advantages, uses and design.

PR9.NET September 06, 2011 - High Performing Valve Components

Sleeves for Pinch Valves are controlling factors that create a full shut-off, sealing situation by pressure exerted from air or fluid, compressing the sleeve until it is in a fully closed position. Greater is the pressure exerted by the operator, tighter are the two surfaces sealed, but regulation of a product flow is by controlling the degree of pressure placed on the sleeve. By releasing the pressure on the sleeve, the valve opens fully and the unrestricted product flow to continue.

The innovative action of Sleeves for Pinch Valves, enable a pinch valve to operate in an uncomplicated, efficient and effective manner. For the many operations requiring the regulation or throttling of a product flow, an operator is able to apply variable rates of flow between zero and the set maximum. They operate in many varied industries and applications, including the control of fluids, slurries, abrasives and corrosive chemicals. It is a high performing component, offering minimum downtime and quick, easy onsite maintenance.

Many varied industries with greatly contrasting applications, utilize Sleeves for Pinch Valves for various forms of control, including the regulation of fluids, slurries, abrasives and corrosive chemicals. They are innovative components, produced from different compositions of materials, designed to meet the specific product processing needs of their users. Unlike other types of valve operation, they are replaceable due to wear, by the user with minimum effort and lost production.

Flexible and Versatile Sleeves

The elastomer sleeve enables a bi-directional and drop-tight shut-off facility and a highly effective control of a material flow. It is resistant to abrasion, self cleaning and highly suitable for processing slurries and corrosive chemicals. With a capacity for providing a seal around trapped particles, Sleeves for Pinch Valves prevent processing situations that in other valve varieties would usually create a form of blockage to a valve mechanism. Their method of closure is effective not just in the processing of clean fluids, but also for materials of the nature of slurry, containing concentrations of suspended solids.

The usage of Sleeves for Pinch Valves provided efficient and effective control of operations involving corrosive and fibrous materials, helped by their capacity for blocking off or closing easily, a great asset to many applications. These are components established by high levels of performance, durability and extreme reliability, generally recognized, and accepted worldwide.

Pinch valves in general use are fluid control devices, reliant on a product flow path being restricted, or regulating a material flow. It is an operation efficiently handled by Sleeves for Pinch Valves in the processing of many and varied substances. These vary from the thinnest of gases to radio active materials and many more. Continuous usage of the elastomer sleeve is in all forms of industrial service and extremely different applications. In addition, to providing the valve's capabilities in processing difficult materials, they are capable of operating in extreme variations of temperature.

Adverse conditions are part of usual operating performances for Sleeves for Pinch Valves, particularly when related to offshore platforms in the oil and gas industries. Usage in a variety of operations such as these, has established them as an integral part of operations within these industries. They include sub-sea control systems and offshore production involving pipelines.

Due to certain types of operations requiring strict norms and measures, the consistent high quality and durability of the Sleeves for Pinch Valves, with extraordinary high levels of performances, ensure minimum downtime and operating cost effectiveness. Industrial leader AKO Armaturen, based in Germany and with additional production facilities in France and the United Kingdom, has produced recognized products of the finest quality for over 26 years, with representation in 22 countries.

A mission of the company has always been to provide the best service and support to its customers and this philosophy has helped in establishing it as the foremost supplier and innovator of Sleeves for Pinch Valves.

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About AKO UK Ltd

AKO UK Ltd is a leading provider of industrial Pinch Valves and other related valve and bulk material handling equipment. AKO UK focuses on customers based within the UK whilst our head office in Germany enjoy supplying the reliable AKO Pinch Valve and other products to companies worldwide.

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