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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - AKO UK Ltd Release Date: August 02, 2011

Control Pinch Valves for Product Regulation

August 02, 2011
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Details of manual and controlled pinch valves

PR9.NET August 02, 2011 - The Manual operated Pinch Valve operates by the turning of a handle or wheel and is part of an uncomplicated, efficient and effective valve system. The result of this action is the compression of an elastomer sleeve located inside the valve casing. Greater is the compression; tighter is the shut-off sealing affect against a processing product. For a need to throttle or regulate the processed product flow, the turning of the manually operated handle or wheel will achieve the required flow rate.

The Control Pinch Valve in comparison to other valve types is able to handle abrasive and corrosive materials. It provides the user with an extremely durable and efficient system in the control of processing product flows, high performance and reliability factors, with cost effectiveness and minimum downtime. It is a valve variety designed and ruggedly constructed for extremely varied applications throughout industry.

A shut-off sealing condition against a product flow, originates from an operator applying pressure using a handle to the casing of the Manual Pinch Valve, directly onto the elastomer sleeve inside. As the pressure increases the passage of the product, flow decreases until the desired degree of sealing is attained or full closure of the valve. To re-open the valve, there is a reversal of the procedure. This valve type has the capacity for specialized operations and those involving downstream and upstream systems.

A Control Pinch Valve operated manually is able to apply variable rates of flow between zero and a pre-set maximum. Many operations encountered, require a material flow regulated or throttled, achievable from this valve by the provision of resistance to a material flow, or diversion in its direction. A particular aspect of the valve is that the flow of material is directly in proportion, to the set position of the manual operating handle or wheel. The valve requires a tight shut-off capacity when closed and minimum flow restriction in the open position, for one system being isolated form another.

Rugged Durable and High Performing

Needed for operation in many varied industries and in widely varying applications, the Manual Pinch Valve constructed of hardwearing materials also has a rugged, durable mechanism. Materials capable of processing by this valve are variable and include fluids, liquids, slurries, abrasives and corrosive chemicals. The high performance of this valve is reliant on the selected compatibility of the inner elastomer sleeve with the processing product. In this connection, information from a user regarding the specific properties of a product, are essential in the supply of the correct elastomer sleeve.

When compared to other valve varieties, the unique design of a Manual operated Pinch Valve especially its method of closing. This enables a high degree of effectiveness in the control of clean fluids, but also for slurries with a high concentration of suspended solids. It is a user advantage due to flexible, abrasive resistant inner elastomer sleeve, which is capable of forming a tight and effective seal around any trapped particulates, apt to cause a blockage in other types of valves.

This valve type performs consistently to its full capacity, proven by countless users worldwide. AKO Armaturen is the leading manufacturer of Control Pinch Valves providing the highest product quality to customers, established by over 26 years of experience in the industry. A priority of this company is the provision of any support and service facilities to its customers.

AKO valves are widely used by major industrial giants. With production plants in Germany, France and the United Kingdom and representation in 24 countries, AKO is able to provide excellent support for their products. Continuous, highly efficient and innovative product development methods enable AKO to maintain extremely competitive pricing, accompanied with dedication.

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About AKO UK Ltd

AKO UK Ltd is a leading provider of industrial Pinch Valves and other related valve and bulk material handling equipment. AKO UK focuses on customers based within the UK whilst our head office in Germany enjoy supplying the reliable AKO Pinch Valve and other products to companies worldwide.

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