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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - AKO UK Ltd Release Date: May 10, 2011

Flexible Tube for Pinch Valves

May 10, 2011
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Details of rubber sleeves for pinch valves, also known as rubber tubes, pipes or diaphragms.

PR9.NET May 10, 2011 - The valve industry is forced to be innovative in the design and development of their products. This is due not only to intense, international competition, but also to the increasing demands from the user. A flexible tube for pinch valves is a potential component for users within many varied industries who are also under pressure to provide more sophisticated, efficient and cost effective services to meet their own growing customer demands.

Various factors require consideration by industrial users and valve manufacturers in applications involving a flexible tube for pinch valves. Materials processed in an operation can sometimes be of a volatile nature, or chemically sensitive. Therefore, thorough knowledge of the materials to be processed is a vital factor that will greatly help in providing a valve system that will perform to the best of its ability.

A flexible tube for pinch valves will perform reliably with the minimum of downtime if the system design is correct. This, in association with input from the valve manufacturer, will ensure the correct valve specifications meet the needs of a particular application. In this connection, there must be awareness as to whether the processed material is abrasive or corrosive. This factor, if not considered, could result in the high wearing of a valve and a lack of performance. A cause of valves failing to shut-off or seizing, is a scaling of mineral or chemical deposits. Generally, this is created by a build-up on an exposed valve stem or sealing surfaces. Valves can plug or leak due to certain characteristics in the flow product, or as a result of fibers.

The flexible tube for pinch valves is the only part subject to wear in this type of valve. It may be modulated by manual means, or with proportional pressure or digital controllers. This is applicable in services that generally do not exceed a working pressure of 50Psi. An important advantage of the valve is its simplicity. A user being able to mount the controller in a remote position from the valve adds to the advantage of it not possessing any moving parts within it.

Additional advantages to users of a flexible tube for pinch valve is in being able to change the elastomer tube or trim, which enables users to optimize a control valve sizing facility and accordingly, its precision factor. Other benefits include the opportunity of selecting valve systems which will satisfy any specific function or the needs of a processed product material. The availability of advanced valve configurations is beneficial in the rectifying of conditions involving abrasive, corrosive and scaling among others, and therefore extending the working life of the flexible tube for pinch valves.

The characteristics of a particular application will determine the effectiveness of a flexible tube for pinch valves. The differences and responsibility in processing the various material flows particularly apply to the selection of an elastomer tube. If the research into processing materials is diligent, it will positively affect downtime. The use of correct components for specialized applications will contribute to a longer life cycle of the tube, and reduced operational costs.

For a valve that functions only on air application, there is the benefit of using the same flexible tube for pinch valve design in full and reduced port tube configurations, with an air actuated control valve. The added costs and maintenance created by using pneumatic cylinder shafts, seals and positioners are absent. An asset may also apply to design operating by electro-mechanical or electric.

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AKO UK Ltd is a leading provider of industrial Pinch Valves and other related valve and bulk material handling equipment. AKO UK focuses on customers based within the UK whilst our head office in Germany enjoy supplying the reliable AKO Pinch Valve and other products to companies worldwide.

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