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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - Global Cooling Inc. Release Date: June 26, 2010

Ethylene Scrubbers, Humidifiers Have CE Approval

By Global Cooling Inc.
June 26, 2010
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Global Cooling Inc ( has announced that their post-harvest products, including ethylene scrubbers / air purifiers, and humidifiers, are available with both UL and CE electrical approvals, and suitable for power of both 50- and 60-hertz.

PR9.NET June 26, 2010 - Media, PA - In recognition of the global market for post-harvest products, Global Cooling Inc. has announced that its ethylene scrubbers / air purifiers, and ultrasonic humidifiers, are available standard with both UL and CE electrical approvals.

"The internet makes for easy access from a cold store operator in one part of the world, to a potential supplier literally on the other side of the planet," explained Global's founder, Jim Still.

"We realize that it makes no sense to ship US-standard electrical components, to a country where the power characteristics are different, forcing them to spend extra time and money to make the conversions."

"That is why we now offer our post-harvest products, including air purifiers and humidifiers, in whatever voltage and hertz the buyer needs, at no extra charge."

Global's ethylene scrubbers / air purifiers, are used in controlled atmosphere storage, refrigerated warehouses and cold stores, food processing, and transportation. The ultrasonic humidifiers are likewise positioned throughout the cold chain.

Still explained that the scrubbers are now being used as an adjunct, or even alternative, to treatment of controlled-atmosphere apples with 1-MCP. "We have two trials running now, using our PCO scrubbers for long term storage of apples. Our equipment doesn't 'wear-off' in a month or two, so you only have to buy it once, not two or three times per season." Still said that the cost of acquiring and operating a scrubber - which will last for years with minimal maintenance - was comparable to just a single treatment of 1-MCP.

Just as important, he explained, to minimizing ethylene and other airborne pathogens, was the need to maintain high relative humidity, especially for long-term storage.

"If your product loses, for example, 3 to 5% weight during storage, that's less produce to sell, and also the pressure and shelf-life will be reduced."

Information on Global's post-harvest offerings can be found at the company website, (short for Controlled-Atmosphere Refrigeration.) For more information, contact:

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Contact Information of Global Cooling Inc. Contact Information of Global Cooling Inc.
Phone 610-248-9800
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About Global Cooling Inc.

Global Cooling specializes in post-harvest refrigeration services for fresh fruit and vegetables. We offer large industrial humidifiers and air purifiers for refrigerated warehouses and cold stores. Fruit will weigh more, with longer shelf-life. All equipment certified as both UL/CE approved. Precoolers and Ripening rooms are also offered.

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