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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - Long on Life Release Date: June 29, 2008

Sales Coaching: Serve from the Heart for Record Profits: by

By Long on Life
June 29, 2008
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Some recent clients of ours ( ) have experienced record-setting revenue and profits (in the hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars) by changing one thing: their heart! While most sales and revenue coaches are teaching people some form of how to use, abuse, and manipulate (control) the prospect to get what you want, we (and our clients) have experienced dramatic profits by changing the game: Selling with a passion to serve!

PR9.NET June 29, 2008 - Columbus, Ohio - Most sales coaches and strategists are teaching people the wrong things: How to use people or do things to people in sales to get what you want or deserve. We have found that by selling with a passion to serve, our sales and the sales of our clients soar to record heights.

Here's a true story: Recently, one of our major clients attended a sales boot camp of ours, and during this session, he had a paradigm shift that transpired in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in a period of a few months. What happened?

We asked a pointed question (among many other interactions): "Do you wake up with a desire to bless someone in the marketplace with your products and services? " His answer changed the way he begins his business every morning, and has dramatically increased the revenue for his company.

Please, do not overlook the power of your response to this question. Your response is vital. Do you wake up every morning with the desire to overwhelm someone with blessings by your products or services? If your answer is, "yes", then you have already accomplished one of the great fundamentals of great selling: Selling to serve!

However – beware! If your answer is "no", perhaps a few things are out of alignment. Has your back ever been out of alignment? How did your body feel and operate when it was? For your benefit, ask yourself the following questions (we use these all of the time with our clients – much like a doctor asks questions to diagnose a patient with a back problem, or any other problem – we have found that by asking honest, caring, penetrating questions, we have been able to diagnose revenue problems in many companies we coach):

1) Do I wake up every morning with a heart to bless someone in the marketplace with my products or services? (by the way- this is also valid for employees, not just Salespeople, sales managers, and CEO's)

2) If not, why?

3) Is my heart behind the company's vision, mission, and core values? (Do I even know what they are?)

4) Is there something out of alignment in my mind or heart (am I double-minded) about someone on my team, the client or something pertaining to my products or services?)

5) If something is out of alignment, what can I proactively do about it (without blaming someone else)?

After answering these questions, you could be on the road to higher revenues. Obviously, there could be other issues detracting from your sales, revenue, and profit generation as well. However, if there is a problem, we have found it useful only when getting to the real heart of the matter, the Truth!

If you found a problem area in any of these questions, we would encourage you to explore some of the following solutions:

1) Are there things in your personal life that are hindering your ability to bless clients with your products or service? Do you hate what you do? You can proactively look for solutions, coaching, counseling, and prayer to find a solution.

2) Once you find out where the alignment issue is, plan a course of action to remedy the problem. If the product or service you represent is not one of integrity, then you should aim to help cure this. If this is not possible, you may need to be looking in new directions so that you can sleep better at night and find a product or service you can shamelessly represent!

3) If a person (client or co-worker) has issues of dispute with you (or you with him / her) and these issues are causing misalignment in the company, find the proactive ways to bless the company, and your relationships with that person by addressing them with a servant's heart and a desire to amend the situation: aim to be a blessing to them!

4) If some alignment problem does not present itself with a good solution, perhaps you or our organization needs professional help. If you venture on this route, be sure to check the testimonials of the former clients, and make sure that it is a company that solves problems by dealing with integrity, searching for the heart of Truth in the matter, and dealing with people as priceless assets.

# # #

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About Long on Life

As founder and chief facilitator for Long on Life: , Brent draws on a lifetime of relationship experiences to help people and businesses grow. Successes and failures of both personal and professional relationships, coupled with a B.A. in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication from The Ohio State University, support the practical, real-life processes Brent uses to help people communicate more effectively and improve performance in relationships.

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