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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - OneCoach Release Date: May 05, 2008

The Answer to Grow Any Business and Access Unlimited Abundance: OneCoach Founders Co-author a New Book to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed Faster

By OneCoach
May 05, 2008
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Business-growth experts and entrepreneurs John Assaraf and Murray Smith have co-authored "The Answer" to show entrepreneurs how to grow any business and access unlimited abundance.

PR9.NET May 05, 2008 - San Diego – Through the 2006 best-selling book and movie The Secret, millions of people were introduced to the concept of the Law of Attraction, the idea that focused thoughts can attract the things people want, even turning their wildest dreams into reality. Since then, many people have wondered "How can I apply that idea to create success in work and business?"

John Assaraf, a teacher featured in The Secret, and his business partner Murray Smith, share their expertise in quantum science and the art of business growth in a new book entitled "The Answer: Grow any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom and Live an Extraordinary Life." Scheduled for nationwide release on May 20, 2008, "The Answer" combines their wisdom and insight to show entrepreneurs how to apply the Law of Attraction and practical, proven strategies, to build a dream business and access unlimited abundance.

"Having worked with thousands of businesses over the last few decades, we know that success is a science," said Smith and Assaraf. "We each happened to learn the fundamental laws that regulate the creation of business success through trial and error. Now, we see the fundamentals of business success very clearly, as a formula that can be applied to any business, anywhere, under any circumstances. That's why we wrote "The Answer," to show other entrepreneurs the specific, step-by-step actions to take in order to build their dream business."

Combined, Assaraf and Smith have built 18 businesses over the last three decades. As best friends for all these years, in 2005 they decided to come out of retirement to devote the balance of their lives to helping other business owners succeed. Together, they developed a business-growth system and launched OneCoach, a company that provides coaching, best practices and networking to help other businesses grow. So far, they have succeeded in helping more than 3,500 business owners in 33 countries increase their sales, revenues and profits. "The Answer" provides a framework for sharing their wisdom and experiences with millions of other people who want to accomplish their own dreams in life.

Using cutting-edge research in brain science and quantum physics, "The Answer" shows readers how to navigate away from the traditional business mindset and transcend into a new 21st century look at business success. The book allows the reader to redirect the power of the brain and understand how the universal laws of life can be used to succeed in business.

For example, chapter two explores how the world works on the smallest scale, also known as quantum mechanics. From this subatomic perspective, scientists conclude that everything is energy, including thoughts. "The Answer" explains how to apply the laws of quantum science to build a dream business.

One of the solutions Assaraf and Smith offer is the Neural Reconditioning Process™, described in chapter seven, which consists of these steps:
• create a vision
• develop positive affirmations
• identify emotional anchors
• create a vision board
• meditate
• and use neuro-technology.

Assaraf and Smith assert that reconditioning the brain is half the battle toward creating abundance, and the other half is taking the right actions, in the right order.

Chapter 11 of "The Answer" outlines how business owners can identify the ideal customer, moving beyond demographics, and using psychographics. This way of approaching business allows entrepreneurs to understand the wants and needs of consumers, understand their decision-making process, and innovate their product or services to yield the highest results. Assaraf and Smith offer numerous case studies to demonstrate how this small shift can lead to big results.

"There is a difference between being committed to your success and being interested in your success," says Smith. "If you are interested, you will do what's convenient. If you are committed, you will do whatever it takes. Any reader who follows the step-by-step process outlined in 'The Answer' will experience an enormous life transformation and reach an exceptional level of living."

Title: The Answer
Subtitle: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life
Authors: John Assaraf and Murray Smith
Genre: Business & Economics/ Motivational
Release Date: May 20, 2008
ISBN: 1-4165-6199-4
Publisher: Atria Books
Price: $25.95 U.S./ $29.99 Canada
Official Web Site:

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About John Assaraf and Murray Smith

John Assaraf is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur. The author of Having It All and a contributor to The Secret, he has appeared on Larry King Live and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and on ABC, CBS and NBC programs worldwide. Over the last twenty years, he has built four multimillion-dollar companies. He lives in San Diego, California.

Murray Smith is a business turnaround guru and consultant who has launched or revived fourteen highly successful businesses and helped thousands of other business owners increase revenues, profits and value. With John Assaraf, he is cofounder of OneCoach, the world's fastest-growing provider of small-business coaching services. He lives in San Diego, California.

About OneCoach

OneCoach is the world's leading franchisor for small-business growth services. Our franchisees provide entrepreneurs with customized solutions they need to grow their small businesses, including best practices, coaching, and networking. Business Mastery is the business-growth system that combines the latest scientific research for developing a millionaire mindset with a proven process for attracting clients faster. Founded by John Assaraf and Murray Smith, OneCoach is based in San Diego and is serving business owners worldwide. For more information, visit

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