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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - Dan Starrette - CITRMS Release Date: January 10, 2008

Identity Theft Specialist Reveals Multiple Identities That Need Protection

By Dan Starrette - CITRMS
January 10, 2008
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Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, (CITRMS), Dan Starrette reveals that you actually have 5 identities that need protection. Just having your credit reports monitored will not alert you in time if an identity theft involves anything other than your credit.

PR9.NET January 10, 2008 - China Grove, NC - Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Dan Starrette says that we all have more than one identity that needs protecting when it comes to Identity Theft. Starrette specializes in identity theft prevention.

Identity theft, America's fastest growing white collar crime could affect more than just your credit rating. "Depending on the severity of the crime, you may be fighting to clean up the mess for the next 4 to 5 years if you don't get proper protections in place now", says Starrette. Identity Theft is not just about credit.

The CITRMS cites five identities that need protection.

1. Your character identity.

2. Your drivers license identity.

3. Your employment identity.

4. Your medical identity.

5. Your financial identity.

You also have a profile that exists on numerous databases. And if an ID thief changes your information on one of these databases, its next to impossible to get it corrected.

You need 3 things in place to protect yourself from having an Identity Theft Nightmare: Have your credit reports monitored. Have access to an attorney (24hrs). And have a company that can provide you with complete identity restoration.

If you need a speaker for your next meeting, or just want to know more about Identity Theft protection contact Dan Starrette - CITRMS, or call: 704-746-3834.

Starrette is also offering a free consultation, to businesses, regarding your needs for Red Flag Compliance.

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Contact Information of Dan Starrette - CITRMS Contact Information of Dan Starrette - CITRMS
Phone 704-746-3834
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About Dan Starrette - CITRMS

Identity Theft and Legal Protection Plans.

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