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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - Media Contact Release Date: June 19, 2007

Don't Bite the Boss: Printing Provides Helpful Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day June 22nd

By Media Contact
June 19, 2007
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Attention Fido, Fluffy, Butch and Bridger!'s 5 Doggy Tips to Ensure that Your Day at Work is a Howling Success

PR9.NET June 19, 2007 - Livingston, MT – Are you allowing employees to bring their dogs to work for Pet Sitters International Take Your Dog to Work Day® on June 22nd? If so,, has five key tips for success. During the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day, pet sitters, animal shelters and businesses nationwide will come together to recognize the great companions dogs make and promote homeless-dog adoptions.

"In addition to helping the local Humane Society, PFL employees bring their dogs to work on a daily basis, and this is one of the many reasons we have a fun and unique work environment," says Andrew Field, PFL President and CEO. Here are PFL's top tips for dogs coming into the office on Take Your Dog to Work Day.

1. Don't Bite the Boss.

Come in for a test run prior to the big day to see if you can get along with the other dogs and people in the office. If you can't play well with others, maybe it's time to get some more training and then give it another try. Remember, dogs can get fired too!

2. Wipe Your Paws.

Keep in mind that you aren't in your backyard anymore. This means keeping yourself and your doggy area clean. If you do have to go outside, whine loudly so your owner knows when it's time to go. Don't forget to remind your owner that they are responsible for making sure there aren't any "accidents" inside or outside of the office!

3. Get Ready to Chow Down.

One of the best things about being a dog at work is all the treats you are going to receive. To receive the maximum number of dog biscuits possible, make sure you open your eyes wide and tilt your head to one side. Letting your tongue hang out a little bit sometimes helps too. A quiet whine is the finishing touch. People won't be able to resist!

4. Be a Loyal Companion.

Another great thing about "Take Your Dog to Work Day" is the fact that most people will be super excited that they get to play with you. There will barely be enough of you to go around, so make sure you greet everyone with a lick to the face. If you are lucky, they might even take you outside on their break. Show them you enjoy the fresh air by running around in circles and chasing your tail. Don't worry; you will end up back where you started!

5. Don't Be a Pest.

Not everybody in the office will be immune to your charm. Give those humans who prefer cats or have doggy allergies some space. Let your owner know where you are at all times and check in sporadically. If you do get bored, restless or unhappy at the office, maybe it's time for a vacation.

"By following these simple guidelines, your dog will have a great day at the office with you," says Field. For more information on the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day presented by Pedigree Jumbone and Pet Sitters International, visit

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