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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - Prime Edge Asbuilt Services Release Date: November 17, 2006

Prime Edge Asbuilt Services proposes a new method for building field data verifications

By Prime Edge Asbuilt Services
November 17, 2006
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Prime Edge Asbuilt Services has launched AsbuiltEdge Technologies in an effort to develop applications to support newly invented building data collection method.

PR9.NET November 17, 2006 - San Francisco, California — Prime Edge Asbuilt Services today announced that it is underway to develop a full set of business applications for use by of professionals within construction, property management and design industries. Software applications include estimating software interface is called PrimeCue. EdgeCue is a CAD based software package and PlanCue is a facility plan management interface. Beta versions of these packages have been used by the company for the last two years and the updated version of the products will allow users to take advantage of a patent pending method for building data collection for estimating, drafting and management purposes, making it easier than ever to prepare asbuilt floor plans, estimate amount of work to be performed or provide a detailed information with regard to the occupied space for facility planning purposes. In an effort to make this technology available to the industry professionals Prime Edge had launched AsbuiltEdge Technologies which will be responsible for the software and business development associated with the system.

Despite advances with regard to the CAD software, many facility managers cannot efficiently run operations due to the luck of updated asbuilts for the structure. At times either due to lost information or luck of track record, available asbuilt plans do not match the existing conditions present in reality. These fundamental differences often result in inadequate decision-making due to the poor information. AsbuiltEdge has been determined to bring an affordable and, more importantly, flexible method of data collection which reduces the amount of measurements to be taken and allows users to input various information such as cost data for estimating purposes, employee data for the preparation of move reports, and properties of architectural elements for rapid CAD plan drafting on site. All of the above functions became available with the development of five basic measurement algorithms which have been used by the Prime Edge in the effort to simplify asbuilt data collection process.

"Asbuilt data collection is tedious task which can be done calculating processor, letting people concentrate on more important things" said Dmitry Shkipin, co-founder of Asbuilt Edge Technologies. "The idea behind the technology was to use the algorithms as a tool for collecting needed data, let the computer process it, and the user to classify it right there on site"

Estimating on site.

Estimating the work to be performed on site is something most contractors are staying away from; primarily due to the fact that it requires basic calculations to be performed based on the plan take-offs which is usually done at the company's office. PrimeCue has allowed an easy way to get customized, highly detailed estimating reports on site without needing to see the existing plans. PrimeCue includes functions which allow users to input price/sq foot data, work task descriptions, all of which work in an integration with familiar programs such as Microsoft Excel(r). PrimeCue will be primarily used by the specialty contractors who are dealing with similar work tasks day in and day out, thus enhancing the entire field take-off experience and accuracy of the estimates given.

Facility Management

PlanCue helps to ease the data collection process required to obtain space and occupant information in an office or industrial facility. With this tool property management can get easily involved in planning of the spaces, proposed moves of the personnel, and deliver that information to its clients so that the entire team always knows what to expect. PlanCue is expected to have features which allow user to collect highly detailed and customizable data with regard to the space, create all necessary updates during moves and construction, and share such information with the entire facility management team.

AsbuiltEdge Technologies

442 Post Street, Third Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102
Toll free: (888) 497-5320

Prime Edge Asbuilt Services
1684 Decoto Rd., Unit 157
Union City CA, 94587
(510) 499-4148 Tel.
(510) 794-4178 Fax

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Contact Information of Prime Edge Asbuilt Services Contact Information of Prime Edge Asbuilt Services
Phone (510) 499-4148
FAX (510) 578-7603
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 1684 Decoto Rd., Unit 157
Union City CA, 94587

About AsbuiltEdge Technologies

Asbuilt Edge Technologies is a San Francisco, CA based start-up company which specializes in the development of the software for asbuilt data collection method called AsbuiltEdge as well as development of the facility management solutions for our commercial clients across California.

About Prime Edge Asbuilt Services

Prime Edge is a partnership of experienced associates with educational background and extensive work experience in Engineering and Construction Management fields. Our primary line of services includes preparation of asbuilt (as-built) drawings for commercial and residential structures.

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