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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - Davis Virtual Assistance Release Date: August 06, 2006

Clean Sweep Challenge Day Helps The Overwhelmed Reduce Stress, Regain Focus And Increase Productivity

By Davis Virtual Assistance
August 06, 2006
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An international 'de-cluttering' day will free up time and energy for countless individuals, business owners, employees and entrepreneurs.

PR9.NET August 06, 2006 - Sherman Oaks, CA - Success coach Melanie Benson Strick has created a new way to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, employees and individuals create massive success in their businesses and lives.

She's named a day where participants take the time to address all the clutter and/or unfinished projects that surround them, sucking their energy and keeping them from working at top efficiency.

Called the Clean Sweep Challenge Day, it takes place on September 1, 2006.

Strick created the Clean Sweep Challenge to encourage participants to set aside a block of time for clearing out unfinished business that interferes with creating "massive results, income and success in their businesses and lives." She also encourages participants to invite their friends and colleagues to support each other's efforts so they can share the results in their businesses and lives.

"The idea behind a Clean Sweep Day is that when you have things that are piled up creating anxiety and sucking your energy, it causes you to get distracted, depleted and unable to focus properly and really keeps you from playing your best game," Strick said.

Beyond physical clutter, the Clean Sweep Challenge is a time to clear out projects that keep people up at night. It's also a good time to take care of languishing emails and phone calls, to address technology challenges that impede efficient working conditions and even to clear up difficult situations with family, friends or colleagues.

In order to help support participants during the Clean Sweep Challenge so they're able to get as much done as possible, Strick is offering a free toolkit. The toolkit includes numerous free downloads, including the Clean Sweep Assessment, to help participants figure out what they need to clear out, a Clean Sweep Focus Plan that helps them figure out how to clear it out, as well as an audio download of Strick's dynamic recording, "Environments that Pull You Forward".

Strick's support doesn't end with the toolkit. In addition, she'll send support emails and focused articles to help participants build their support team and prepare for the actual Clean Sweep day. She has also built a participant page with a community forum where everyone across the country participating in the Clean Sweep can log on and share their experiences, victories and challenges. She also has gathered sponsors who have donated prizes to further motivate participants. Current sponsors include,, and

"The idea is that everybody can jump on board to take the challenge together," said Strick. "When we get rid of the clutter, we are 30 to 50 percent more effective on what matters most - completing our goals, reducing stress and making money."

Melanie Benson Strick, "The Entrepreneur's Success Coach," offers keynotes speeches, mentoring, training and products designed to get people out of overwhelm and onto the success fast-track. The National Clean Sweep Challenge Day toolkit is available FREE at and Strick is available for interviews by calling Bonnie Jo Davis at 877-830-3139 extension 3.

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Download PDF Version Download PDF Version:
Clean Sweep Challenge Day Helps The Overwhelmed Reduce Stress, Regain Focus And Increase Productivity

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