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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - kwintessential Release Date: November 17, 2004

Kwintessential offer free Cross Cultural Training to President Bush

By kwintessential
November 17, 2004
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London based cross cultural communications consultancy offers President Bush helping hand on building bridges damaged by recent unilateral actions by offering free training courses.

PR9.NET November 17, 2004 - London, UK - Following Prime Minister Tony Blair's keynote foreign affairs speech in London on November 15th 2004, the cross cultural communications and training consultancy Kwintessential have offered support to his calls for America and President Bush to move towards "multilateralism".

Referring to the chances of improving ties between Washington and Europe, Blair commented that, "None of this will work unless America too reaches out." George W. Bush has long been viewed in Europe as a President unacquainted with world views and certainly one who is unwilling to accommodate those that differ to his own. As a result, his unilateral policies have caused resentment abroad.

As a company established on the ethos of bridging gaps between people through cross cultural understanding, Kwintessential are now offering President Bush free cross cultural training classes to help him bridge the gulf caused over issues such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Kyoto, especially with Europe and the Muslim world.

Cross cultural training is usually provided to international businesses and organisations that need assistance in meeting the challenges of multiculturalism either in the workplace or with external affairs. Cross cultural training promotes effective communication between peoples by helping them understand the values, ethics, customs, communication styles and etiquette of others. By highlighting areas of common ground and exposing those which can lead to problems, cross cultural training builds bridges and creates spaces of mutual understanding.

Kwintessential hope their training can be of benefit to President Bush and as a consequence the world. "We are keen to see a war on terror but not the kind being waged at the moment. Cross cultural ignorance is also a terror of sorts as it leads to rash decisions based upon poor understanding and misperceptions. When this occurs in the political field, the consequences can be grave," explains Kwintessential Director, Neil Payne.

Keen to help both Bush and Blair in repairing some of the cross cultural damage caused by recent political unilateralism, Kwintessential are now extending their assistance to President Bush by offering him free cross cultural training courses.

"Yes we are deadly serious. President Bush has full access to our cross cultural training courses for free. We will design and tailor any course he requires to his specifications, whether it is cross cultural dialogue with Muslims, the French or Germans. We will even come to the White House as long as tea is provided," confirms Payne.

Although possibly tongue in cheek, the offer does draw attention to some serious points with regards to the mentality of isolationism and cultural insensitivity embodied in the Bush administration. Does or can cross cultural understanding help build bridges in the political sphere? If Bush takes up Kwintessential's offer we may find out.

# # #

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Kwintessential offer free Cross Cultural Training to President Bush

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About kwintessential

Kwintessential Ltd. are a UK based cross cultural communications consultancy providing inter-cultural awareness training programs, language tuition and translation services.

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