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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - Success Quadrant Release Date: August 10, 2004

The Business Card Design Can Determine The Fate Of A Company

By Success Quadrant
August 10, 2004
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Master Yick Tan has dicovered a way to apply Feng Shui on to business card to improve the profitability of a company.

PR9.NET August 10, 2004 - Believe it or not, Master Yick Tan can reveal how a company is doing just by analyzing the business card with Feng Shui principles with high accuracy. Master Yick Tan learnt the Feng Shui Business Card Methodology from Master Patrick Tan, who is an experience Feng Shui Master from Malaysia.

Master Yick Tan often evaluates business card for businessmen. When he reads people's business card, they always ask him this question: "How do you know that?" Some people thought he is psychic, some thought he spied on them but he is none of these. He is just a skillful Feng Shui Business Card Master who has achieved many Feng Shui breakthroughs with his Master, Patrick Tan. They are not magicians or psychics, they follow the business card methodology that they have developed and refined when they evaluate business card for people. It is a step-by-step process; there is no magic in it.

Through out the years of research and experience, Master Yick Tan discovered through the statistically analysis, that when certain information is being positioned in certain ways, it will manifest certain results. He also discovered that when a business card is divided into 3 rows and 3 columns evenly, there will be 9 quadrants. Each quadrant represents different effects for different people.

From the positioning of the information and layout of the business card, Master Yick Tan can tell if a company is strong in team work, financial management, expansion, professional, public relation, leadership, loyal staff and etc. Master Yick Tan can also reveal the challenges and difficulties of a company. He can tell if a company is having financial difficulties, facing political issues, under pressure, and whether the company is at the risk of going to go bankrupt. The possibilities of what can be happened in a company are all "printed" in the business card.

In general, companies whose information is positioned at the left column are most likely to be a conservative and old-fashioned company. Those whose information is positioned at the right column are mostly dynamic and aggressive companies. Those who put the information in the middle are those who are no the fence, most of them are opportunists and traders. They will jump into any business that will make money for them.

Having the company name on the top row of the business card, interprets that the company will enjoy success and expansion. Having the company name on the middle row of the business card shows that the company has good product development and able to make a handsome profits. However, having the company name on the bottom row of the business card will have a high percentage of bankruptcy, back stabbing, betrayal and disaster. It is advisable to be avoided at all cost.

Master Yick Tan has compiled all his research and experience into his eBook entitles Egora Feng Shui Business Card. In the eBook, there are 60 business card designs with an explanation of their effects. It also has 36 good Feng Shui Business Card template that you can plug and use immediately.

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