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Press Release Category Business - Business Services - Trotec Laser, Inc. Release Date: April 05, 2013

Trotec recently introduced new ceramic laser source

By Trotec Laser, Inc.
April 05, 2013
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CeramiCore technology, Iradon Laser, Inc., located in the United States, recently set a new standard with innovate CO2 laser sources, lately introduced by Trotec.

PR9.NET April 05, 2013 - 100% Ceramic

The US-based manufacturer of CO2 laser sources, Iradion Laser, Inc. developed a new laser source for Trotec laser machines. This new innovative and patented concept is made of 100% ceramic and it guarantees reliability, high engraving quality and longevity.

Perfect body

Usually all-metal, and sometimes glass laser sources are used for laser processing. CeramiCore® technology totally redefines the basic laser source. The ceramic design gives tremendous benefits compared to all metal or glass lasers: Ceramic laser sources have no aluminum welds or sealings, which leak easily over time. For forming the resonator body during manufacturing, two ceramic shells are fused together. This resonator is fired up at 800 degrees and this process cleans the interior surface immaculately.

Pure gas composition

All of the optical elements are glued onto the ceramic, the electrodes are mounted on the outside of the resonator and the gas is excited through the ceramic body. So there are no interior metal surfaces that damage the gas mixture's equilibrium. This results in a pure gas composition. Therefore longest lifetime can be guaranteed.

Highest engraving quality with fastest pulse speeds
A laser with a ceramic laser source can be operated at much greater pressures which results in faster pulse speeds. This is critical for high speed marking and engraving. Laser users benefit therefore from highest engraving quality.

With this innovative laser source the laser machine features lower energy consumption. Benchmark showed that there is a reduction of up to 30%.

Smooth integration
The laser sources are optimized perfectly for Trotec lasers to get the best out of the new CeramiCore technology.

About Iradion
The US-based manufacturer of OEM laser sources has 15 years of experience in manufacturing and developing laser source technology. Iradion specialize fully on their groundbreaking ceramic technology. It was firstly developed for defense and security corporations and therefore the laser source technology from Iradion provides precision, stability and longevity in the harshest environments imaginable.

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Contact Information of Trotec Laser, Inc. Contact Information of Trotec Laser, Inc.

About Trotec Laser, Inc.

Trotec Laser Inc. is a manufacturer for laser cutting, marking and engraving machines located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA.

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