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Press Release Category Business - Real Estate - Grimes One Media Release Date: November 08, 2007

Business Centre Opens After 2 Years of Development

By Grimes One Media
November 08, 2007
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After 2 years of development, Capital Centre opens its doors to the world in grand fashion with a red carpet treatment. Noted as prime real estate for business, it opens with much acclaim.

PR9.NET November 08, 2007 - New York – It is said to be the newest address to emerge in Atlanta. But unlike most (Class A) commercial property, Capital Centre is a more distinctive piece of property that's considered to be prime real estate for many small to large businesses seeking to set up shop in a very unusual location. After two years of development, Capital Centre opens its doors today to the world of business with much anticipation as high-end luxury.

Conveniently located at, Phase I of Capital Centre spans sixty-two stories high and provides 584,300 square feet of luxurious (Class A) web space. At 1, 055 feet tall, it is intended to bring small to large companies together to conduct business, and social network on one central location. However its primary goal is to help boost sales and profitability by directing traffic to businesses located at Capital Centre to increase their conversion rate.

As prime real-estate for Internet advertising, Capital Centre offers the latest evolution in Internet marketing, its beautifully decorated Web Suites, a designated web page located within Capital Centre that is individually designed to display the profile of a company. Web Suites are best utilized to build awareness of a company's brand by describing its service in a more business-oriented environment. They range from Executive, Presidential, Corporate, Entrepreneur, Proprietor, too Franchise, and are priced in the low to mid $3-$30 dollars a month.

Developed by Grimes One Media, the Atlanta based advertising and marketing firm introduces Capital Centre as the newest development in the Internet social networking and advertising arena.

"Capital Centre is property, real estate. It is not your brick and mortar property, it's your cyberspace property that's accessible from any major Internet superhighway. Our vision for Capital Centre is to sale it as the one place that any business would like to set up shop to conduct business. We would like to push it as the one location on the Internet that all businesses will gravitate to because of the property value is well worth being apart of. When you talk about business, we would like for Capital Centre to come to mind. When you talk about real estate, we would like for Capital Centre and its Web Suites to come to mind. We want Capital Centre to be an every day talked about location much like Trump Towers of Atlanta or Atlantic Station," says a spokesperson for Capital Centre.

With affiliation with advertisers like Starbucks, Sandals Beaches & Resorts, Discovery Channel, Luggage Pros, and Global Golf and Global Golf Shoes on board, Capital Centre is ready to cater to the shopping needs of the successful businessman or woman as well. According to Grimes One Media, the idea to put shops in the main lobby was to give visitors as well as leasing tenants a place to shop.

"We wanted to bring the shopping experience to Capital Centre as well. We looked at several brick and mortar locations such as Colony Square to the CNN Center and thought how can we infuse the same concept to the Internet," says Xavier Grimes, owner of Grimes One Media. "Also, we figured if Capital Centre is going to be a place of business, why not make it a place where everyday visitors can shop also. So, when you look at Capital Centre, just think of a Colony Square or CNN Center but on the Internet."

Now that Capital Centre is open for business, the wait is on to get its first tenant. Grimes One Media projects to generate four thousand visitors a month at Capital Centre, and estimates three to four thousand businesses becoming tenants within the first five months of operation. For more information on how to lease a Capital Centre Web Suite please visit

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About Grimes One Media

Grimes One Media is an advertising and marketing firm that provides extensive services to businesses nationwide. Located in Atlanta, Ga., Grimes One Media offers various services to compliment any business need which includes street marketing, website development, graphic designs, phone card advertisement too guerilla marketing as well as a key focus on its core product, Capital

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