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Press Release Category Business - Real Estate - FinnStar Hockey,Inc. Release Date: November 06, 2006

A new site on historic preservation, education and development has been launched.

By FinnStar Hockey,Inc.
November 06, 2006
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A new site on historic preservation, education and development has been launched. The site features news, information and opinions on the sensitive topic of eminent domain & historic renewel of not only ancient Eastern US cities but cities across the globe. The site features news, information and opinions on the sensitive topic of eminent domain & historic renewel of ancient Eastern US cities.

PR9.NET November 06, 2006 - New London, Conn. - New London, Conn. "Our first case in point is the New London, Connecticut touching upon the Kelo vs. City of New London Supreme Court Case" said site creator Evan J. Andriopoulos. "I thought it was time to touch upon that specific case and let the people know of the "local" history of the various development proposals by the city of New London, a typical Eastern US ancient city grasping for economic lifelines to survive and alleviate the tax burden of it's citizens" - followed Andriopoulos.

The site itself is in the most interactive style known as a "blog" and will focus not only on the "Kelo case" of eminent domain but on the conflict of renewel, reurbanization and reinvention of these centuries old Eastern US cities and global cities and the challenges they face to survive. The BLOG is located at and is open for comments and feedback.

The site was named after the founders decided their initial goal was to raise funds for the preservation of history and education, with so many important issues facing cities across the globe it was decided that a blog format to allow discussion would be best.

"Being from Southeastern Connecticut I felt it was time to give a brief historic perspective of the city and the classic challenges of these old cities attempting to stop the proverbial "bleeding" of tax dollars, citizens and business to the suburbs as well as what these cities are doing to not only stop the bleeding but bring back citizens and businesses"- followed Andriopoulos. "There are many different views on eminent domain and the Kelo vs. New London case, all in fact have tarnished the great efforts of the private citizen of New London in preserving historic buildings and creating a quality of life that is desirable for the new urbanists"- said Andriopoulos an avid supporter of preservation and history.

Another hot button topic is the Utopia Studios development proposal where a Long Island Developer has proposed a 1.6b USD redevelopment of the partially historic Norwich Hospital Property in Preston and Norwich, Connecticut. The development would call for raizing many of the buildings but also the preservation of many more of the historic "gothic style" ones for use as an amusement park, school and film studio. "The positive effects on the local economy will be the employment of 22,000 new people, increased property values, national and international marketing highlighting the region and the restoration of historic buildings and possible re-use of others through the region as support sites for the development"- said Andriopoulos. "However the effects on the road system and regional municipalities have weighed heavily on the shoulders of those in area and these need to be judged equally and unbiased vs the positive effects on the local and regional economy" said Andriopoulos. "These are types of topics we are looking forward to discussing and creating what I hope will be the framework for future developers to use" said Andriopoulos.

"I just hope the blog brings about a dialogue, clarification and affords a more positive view of what New London, Conn. and other old cities are trying to do to stop the bleeding"- said Andriopoulos.

The Web Site is

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About FinnStar Hockey,Inc. was founded in order to raise 1 Million Dollars for the preservation, education and enjoyment of history. will raise funds via donations of $1.00 per pixel in order to reach our goal of One Million Dollars. With these donations 1 pixel per dollar will be awarded for your logo-link, message or picture.

Donations will be awarded to various and needy historical sites, groups, schools, communities and to those seeking to not only preserve history & historical sites but to those looking to make history more real and "fun".

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