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Press Release Category Business - Publishing & Printing - SJInnovation Release Date: June 04, 2009

EP Books, Darlington, UK, & Webster, NY - 20th March 2009

By SJInnovation
June 04, 2009
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1.The New Creationism – Paul Garner
2.Stars in Gods Sky – Faith Cook
3.Practice Makes Perfect – Part of the Welwyn Commentary Series on the book of James - Anthony Bird
4.Ultimate Questions - English Standard Version (ESV) – John Blanchard

PR9.NET June 04, 2009 - 1. The New Creationism – Building scientific theories on a biblical foundation – Paul Garner

The Evolution/Creation book to read in Darwin year 2009.
Showing the most up to date creation research at a readable level.
Forword written by Dr. Andrew Snelling, Answers in Genesis

Supported, commended and recommended by multiple PhD holders and multiple creation organisations.

'Paul Garner powerfully demonstrates that when starting with the foundational truths of Genesis (six day creation, an historical fall, global flood, real tower of Babel, etc.), creationists can build scientific models that are far superior in their explanatory power than the evolutionary ones. This book is greatly needed in helping to popularise creation model-building as it introduces the reader to the best contemporary creationist models in astronomy, geology, biology, and so on -- and at a level the layperson can understand.'
--Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis-U.S./ Creation Museum

2. Stars in Gods Sky – Faith Cook
Another collection of excellent and inspiring mini biographies including:
Fanny Guiness
Mr Grimshaws men
John Foxe
And many many more……

'If Faith Cook wrote a comic book, I would buy it! Reading her mini-biographies, as in Stars in God's Sky (and a raft of others), is always a soul-nourishing, faith-fortifying exercise. I love her tendency to by-pass the all-stars and focus on the 'dirt disciples' who simply slug it out in faithfulness to Jesus. We are again in her debt.'
--Dr Ralph Davis, Woodland Presbyterian Church Hattiesburg, MS

Faith Cook is one of only two or three writers whose books I read just because she has written them. Her writings have never disappointed me. 'Stars in God's sky' is just vintage Faith Cook. Don't miss out on this new treasure; instead, buy, read, enjoy, be blessed, and share with others!
--Roger Carswell, Evangelist, Leeds.

3. Practice makes perfect – Anthony Bird
The Welwyn Commentary Series – Bible books simply explained.
This title focuses on the book of James and is written by Anthony Bird at Presbyterian Theogical College, Melbourne, Australia.
We plan to complete the whole bible within the next three years (just three books to go).

4. Ultimate Questions (ESV) – John Blanchard
New pictures, new layout, new bible version.
Ultimate Questions is now available in almost sixty versions. Look out this year for Farsi, Punjabi, Malayalam and Scottish Gaelic.
Ultimate Questions has had over fifteen million copies printed.

Have a good weekend.

David Woollin
Sales and Marketing
+44 (0)1325 380232 (Ext 25)

# # #

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