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Press Release Category Business - Publishing & Printing - World Conflicts Release Date: October 03, 2014

Support the Release of a Fresh Fantasy Universe through a Novel where Supernatural Powers are Ordinary

By World Conflicts
October 03, 2014
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This new novel series is called World Conflicts. The author and creator has been building this fantasy universe for over 8 years and he is finally ready to release Book 1. Help support his efforts!

PR9.NET October 03, 2014 - Have you ever had a conflict? Throughout our lives, we all deal with various struggles whether they are against time, others, or even ourselves. I suppose the relevant question is: How do you deal with the conflicts of your life? In World Conflicts, the word ?conflict? is a term which represents a specific enemy that is usually sought out to be eliminated. There are two central characters of this series. The choices they make regarding their conflicts will influence the fate of the entire Kernal Realm.

Here is a synopsis for Book 1:

As a seagant, Triton has a supernatural energy called carnta surging through his body. He is able to live for hundreds of years and is indestructible against any force of the natural worlds. Seagants are very common throughout the Kernal Realm, however Triton is unique because he has an abundant supply of carnta locked within him. At the age of 2, he displayed his potential power by destroying 50 seagants during a major war. Although his exploit led to the preservation of peace, Triton is seen as a threat and is feared by many across the known worlds. He struggles to embrace his own power, yet he is determined to become powerful enough to protect the innocent from tyrants.

Triton travels the worlds as a skiljur to increase his abilities without tapping into his locked power. He enters the 75th Skiljur Championship which is realm-wide broadcasted event where skiljurs test their abilities against one another. Triton seeks to become the Skiljur Champion so that he would be respected rather than feared across the worlds. His desire is to become an agent of the Chief Order, but he is forced to use an ability that leads him to become a fugitive instead.

# # #

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Support the Release of a Fresh Fantasy Universe through a Novel where Supernatural Powers are Ordinary

Contact Information of World Conflicts Contact Information of World Conflicts
Phone 779.240.0890
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About World Conflicts

World Conflicts is a novel series that introduces a unique fantasy universe where supernatural powers are the norm. There are 363 known worlds governed by the Chief Order which is designed to provide freedom and peace. A powerful group has devised a plan to supplant the Chief Order believing its government has become ineffective. You will journey with characters who struggle against this group to stop them from committing mass destruction and taking over the known worlds. This journey will guide you through the theme of conflict.

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